Silk flower arrangements

Flowers are so smooth and soft that when you touch one it confers you a really smooth sensation. You can add extra smoothness to a flower arrangement with the help of a piece of fabric and what can be more refined than silk? We like the idea of silk wedding flowers and this sounds pretty interesting, don’t you think in the same way?

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Silk flower arrangements

Let’s take the idea from another perspective: how about adopting silk flowers? These won’t fade away during your wedding day and also they will look marvelous…. Maybe you’ll think that they don’t confer the same smell that the original flowers do, but it’s a good idea if your wedding ceremony takes place in the middle of a warm sunny day of May or June.

In the lines to come we propose some interesting looking silk flower arrangements especially designed for a wedding ceremony and that can be placed in the middle of your guests’ tables.

We start with a white vase made of ceramics that is filled with lilies and freesia in white and pink tones. Your guests won’t even notice that this flower arrangement is made of silk. The fresh aspect is also offered by these flowers too, because they look really vivid and you can be sure that you’ll end up with a lower price than using fresh flowers. We know that the real flowers are more enjoyable to feel, observe and smell, but start thinking at your pocket too!

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Silk flower arrangements

After you see this floral arrangement made of silk you won’t even notice that it’s made of silk fabric. All the flowers are really vivid looking with nice patterns on them and shiny aspect and also the leaves look interesting. It’s a calla flower arrangement and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did when we saw it and maybe you think of applying it to your wedding day. Let’s not forget that this mixture of orange-red with green go really great together and we hope that you choose other nuances that go as great together as these do.

The last example we want to talk about looks as natural as the first ones do. It’s made of white flowers, bride’s flowers and also red roses. All of these are made from silk fabric and we suppose that the bride’s flowers are made of marbles. Between all these great ranges of colors you can observe the green nuance too: green leaves and plants that go really great in combination with the other elements and flowers. Place all these nice looking flowers into a great looking glass vase and you’ll see that the effect is really great!

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Silk flower arrangements

If you know how to choose and where to pick from you’ll obtain really interesting flower arrangements that are made of silk, not of original flowers and also you can be proud that your guests won’t even notice the fact that you’ve placed those fake flowers there, they will think that these are natural.