Wedding flowers 2

Here’s how we continue our list of wedding flowers in order for you to have where to choose from and see what’s in trend this year and what isn’t. Let’s mention that up to this moment we’ve been offering you some interesting tips and hints and we’re sure that you took these into consideration or are willing to think of these for the future time.

wedding flowers

We start with a pink and purple flower arrangement that consists of a neat combination of different species of flower and that cope really great together.
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This arrangement is placed in a metallic support and it’s made in a dark color. All these elements go pretty nice together and we’re certain that you’re going to consider these. Here and there, between the buds you can observe some small leaves that create a really nice visual impression in combination with the other elements. Quite some interesting things if we come to think of it! Think of your favorite flowers and of a particular color in which you want these to be and you’re going to see just how great these look.

Here’s how we continue with our suggestions of flower arrangements and wedding flowers and we offer you some examples of a neat looking bridal bouquet: it’s made in orange and yellow tones and it’s realized in callas, roses and tulips that have great looking tones and nuances, really warm and great looking in the same time. The bouquet is really rich and filled with nice looking flowers. Indeed, it’s a great looking accessory and it would be a pity for you not to steal the idea.

wedding flowers 2

We have another combination of elements and flowers that we want to mention about: it’s a white and orange bridal bouquet that is made of roses and some other flowers, exotic ones. This bouquet is rich as well and we’re certain that it’s going to please your eye from the point of view of the colors used and the fact that it’s really rich in flowers. We hope that you enjoy it pretty much and that you consider taking it into account, because it’s going to be a really interesting idea to apply for.

wedding flowers 2 2

The last tip we want to offer you and that concerns wedding flowers is a neat arrangement that is realized in a very interesting manner: it is made of thin and green canes that create a circular shape in it there are placed small flower buds together with strawberry fruits and we’re sure that this seems a really great looking thing for you. Indeed, it’s nothing that you’ve ever seen before and we’re sure of this!

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