The most interesting examples of wedding reception flowers

We promised not to end with the examples concerning the wedding reception flowers and we’re back with this topic bringing you the most interesting examples that we got over. We won’t talk outside this topic and we’re going to jump immediately to our examples.

The first suggestion that we’ve got for you consists of placing flowers on the margin of the tables in order to create a nice looking carpet of such flowers. Think of your favorite color and species of flowers and buy as many as you can ad place these in nice looking bouquets on the borders of the tables. This will be quite an interesting visual effect and you can be sure of that.

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Wedding reception flowers

Another great idea would be to place a nice looking vase in the middle of a table and fill it with your favorite flowers. You can add lilies, roses or whatever flower you like the most, just make sure that the vase is really great looking and that it has interesting details in it.

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Wedding reception flowers

A vase isn’t the unique idea that we’ve got for you. There can be also a nice looking plate or a bowl. Choose this container in whatever color you like the most and fill it with flowers in different tones and from different species: you can place carnations, roses, lilies, lilac together with fern and different kooky looking leaves. Also you can place here and there some apple fruits in a really shiny tone and color and you’re going to end up with a really marvelous looking flower arrangement.

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Wedding reception flowers

If you choose to apply for a buffet then it means that the idea that we have here for you is just ideal! We suggest some great looking tables with white covers on them. Make sure that you arrange in a pretty manner all the table covers and the details because you have to end up with a nice looking reception! We suggest some old models of pots and vases that can be filled with different types of flowers and leaves in order to create a nice visual effect. This is an exquisite idea and we hope that you consider in the same way.

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Wedding reception flowers

Another interesting idea is definitely this one and you will certainly feel tempted to apply for it when it comes to arranging each table. We’re speaking about a glass vase filled with three flowers: simplicity and elegance in the same time.

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Wedding reception flowers

The vase is made of glass and it’s transparent. Fill this vase with orange slices in order to create a nice visual effect and also the flowers that you choose have to be in a similar tone with that of the slices. Here and there you can observe some green leaves and we’re sure that the effect will be guaranteed.