White foral arrangements

Seeing that you’ve enjoyed our topic regarding flowers really much we’re back and have new stuff for you and these concern only the floral arrangements. All of these ornaments are white and are designed especially for a special wedding such as you want yours to be. White is the symbol of purity and innocence and it is said to bring love and happiness and that’s why we recommend it to you….

white foral arrangements

So the first example is very specially looking. It is made of roses and lilies and many such white flowers from other species. Here and there you can admire how the green penetrate this great looking bouquet. It should be placed in the middle of the tables or in the corners of the salon.

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What’s so special about this arrangement is that the strains of the flowers are painted with silver-white spray and these are stuck together and create an icy and interesting view. Also there is a silvery ribbon wrapped around at the basis of this bouquet and you can admire how it is arranged in a nice glass vase. In this vase there are glass marbles and these go really great with the rest of the arrangement.

There’s another floral arrangement that is made of tiny little flowers. These flowers look like the crown of a tree and really interesting in the same time. The vase denotes elegance and it’s white too, like the flowers used. This ornament should be definitely placed in the salon no matter what spot.

white foral arrangements2

White and green go really great together. For instance you can have a green vase that can be filled with nice looking flowers like roses, daisies or lilies. Here and there you can see nicely colored leaves in different size which penetrate between the flowers’ buds and this creates an interesting effect.

white foral arrangements3

The last example regard a big vase made of ceramic material. This vase has the shape of a pot and it is filled with delightful looking flowers like hawthorns or carnations that have some green spots here and there. You may put at the basis of this vase some white and green ribbons made of shiny materials and you may create some roses out of them or nice figures too.

white foral arrangements4

These examples don’t seem enough for us and we’re going to have some continuing topics to this one with many examples. And all of these examples will be white and certainly delightful for your eyes. Hope you’ll apply for one of our examples and we would like to know if you did and what did it have on your wedding ceremony.

So we’re waiting for your feedback and we hope, like always, for you to tell us what you’re really interested of.