Useful tips for saving money in the wedding flower arrangements

How can you apply for wedding flower arrangements and centerpieces without spending lots of money? This is between the most common questions that brides have whenever it comes to their wedding day and how they can make it less expensive and reduce costs as much as possible.
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We suppose you’ve already bought the bridal gown, the wedding accessories, the groom suit and the shoes. Probably you’ve already remained without a big sum of money. You’re going to take a glance at the latest expenses and you realize in this manner that it’s the right time for reducing all the money spent.

Bridal bouquetCredit
Bridal bouquet

We’re going to start directly with some hints that will turn out to be useful whenever it comes to saving money and reducing costs at the level of wedding flower arrangements and centerpieces, so here they are….

Pick with attention the flower shop where you make the order. Don’t search always for expensive flower shops or luxury ones, but also not the cheapest of them all, because sometimes the aspect of your wedding can be ruined due to the low quality flowers and details used.

If you are extremely pretentious and you want your bridal bouquet to look exactly like in the magazines from Hollywood, then it’s the case to go in the fanciest flower shops in town, because their prestige is based on a long experience in the domain. It’s possible though to find some pretty arrangements in your own neighborhood and they can offer you a good price for your pick.

So, our sincere piece of advice would be to go in multiple flower shops and study the market as much as it’s possible. You never know just how easy you can find something advantageous that respects the rapport quality and price.

Bridal bouquetCredit
Bridal bouquet

Our next piece of advice is related to the seasonal flowers. So, if there are particular flowers that blossom in the month in which your wedding happens, it would be indicated to pick among them. Choosing during the winter a summer flower will turn out to be difficult to purchase it at an advantageous price; you’re going to pay even more than it initially was worth! In order to make a choice easier, you can study the list put at your disposal with the flowers that are characteristic to each month. In this manner, you’re certainly going to end up with a good pick and really advantageous in the same time.

Avoid the holidays because in this period the prices go high and you can have the unpleasant surprise of finding flowers at double prices than usual. Make sure you order your flowers in due time and establish the price and the money you need to offer. It’s possible even to make some savings in this manner.

Sometimes, less is better! Offer the bridesmaids only one flower that can be wrapped in a satin ribbon, which will look really elegant in the same time, even if the bouquet of the bride can contain this idea. Sometimes a bouquet that is made only of 4 or 5 stems and green details can look enchanting. For flower arrangements you can ask the flower shop to help you arrange the flowers in the morning of the wedding reception.

The flower petals have a dazzling visual effect and they’re not only for the small ones. Think of the mythology and how it’s related to this custom of throwing petals. We recommend you to adorn the wedding reception entrance and the dance floor with petals designed in one or two colors. In this way the entire place is going to look elegant and beautiful and even the tables can be adorned with flower petals instead of the classic centerpieces that you might take into account.

Another great idea would be to adorn the bride with petals instead of the classic flower arrangements that occupy a big place on the surface of a table. Ask eventually the flower shop if they have some faded roses, which they intend on to throw away. You have got all the chances to receive free flowers or in exchange with a small sum.

Use your imagination! Substitute the traditional bridal bouquet with something more original. Use garden flowers and you can also realize some interesting bouquets with some tree branches and a long piece of ribbon and you’ll see that this will definitely be an image to create a stunning visual effect.