Symbols of the colors used in floral arrangements

Throughout the time we’ve been presenting you various models of floral arrangements and bouquets. These have different shapes and different combinations of colors. You should know that for your wedding day you need to base on one particular tone. Many of you have the idea of picking white as the main color. Well, you shouldn’t do this because it’s a rather dull tone and everybody chooses it for their wedding day and of course you want to be special, don’t you?

symbols of the colors used in floral arrangements

If you already decided on white then you should be thinking of blending it with another tone and make sure that these go really great together. There needn’t be matte colors! You can apply for shiny, glittery, but don’t exaggerate too much. For those that dare to get rid of the classical white in their wedding day here are some symbols that you may have known about and it’s not bad to revise them. We are now speaking of flowers and floral arrangements; we aren’t speaking about the other details regarding your wedding ceremony so stay chill.

symbols of the colors used in floral arrangements2

Here are some symbols and themes you may want to know about: for instance, red symbolized blood and fire and it’s in perfect coordination with summertime and the sun; also it’s a symbol of passion and purity in the same time; when someone thinks of red certainly they feel erotic and sensual.

symbols of the colors used in floral arrangements3

A piece of advice regarding red: you may use it but not in large quantities because it will create a horrible visual effect and all your guests won’t be that pleased to see red all around them. Some red flowers that may inspire you in your ornaments are: roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, camellias or anemones.

The next color we want to mention about is yellow. This color is a symbol of light, eternity and God. This color certainly brings the idea of warm sensation, youth and power. This color makes you feel fresh and a revealing feeling of harmony. Some suggestions of flowers that can be used are: daisies, snowdrops, lilies, orchids and callas.

symbols of the colors used in floral arrangements4

We continue with purple. How many such arrangements of bouquets we’ve presented up to this moment? You already know the answer we guess…. This color is a symbol of purity and delicacy and the deepness of the feelings, but also of timidity and humility. Some flowers that you can use are: orchids, dahlias or freesias or even tulips as we’ve already mentioned so many times to this moment.

Blue is another color that we suggested for your floral arrangements or bouquets. This color is a symbol of the sky, air and tenderness. This color may be combined perfectly with white and it created an interesting visual effect. Let’s also mention that this color inspires profoundness and it may offer your details a watery or angelic aspect. Here are some blue flowers that may help you to create a wonderful visual effect: myosotis, corydalis, anemones and orchids.

symbols of the colors used in floral arrangements5

The last colors we want to mention about are green and pink. Pink goes really great with green, but alone it is a symbol of regeneration. Some examples of flowers that can be used are: the Indian bride or the Vietnamese bride.
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Green is a symbol of hope and revival, even life if you want. You can find so many examples of green flowers that you just can’t imagine. In fact all the flower buds are green before they blossom.