Interesting wedding bouquet

There are those flower bouquets that can be carried on the arm and these look interesting in combination with the other details that “compose” you as a bride. You probably think that there’s a pattern in what concerns the wedding bouquet and how it looks on your arm, but it isn’t quite in that way….

So, if you opted for such a wedding bouquet and it has long strains and you’ve carried during the ceremony on your arm, then you can cut it a little bit and remain with the basic flowers. A fast friend of yours can help you with this change and no one will notice that you carry the same bouquet.

This type of bouquet involves so many advantages that you can’t imagine, like the fact that you can add so many flowers in it and you can add tall flowers, which are ideal for weddings that take place in spring or fall.

interesting wedding bouquet

Our suggestion is to use as many fruits and flowers as possible, not in an exaggerate manner, but you can definitely apply for multiple colors, which is definitely a wonderful thing. You can opt also for cranberry branches and confer this bouquet an exquisite look.
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In case you have a limited budget and you can seem to afford spending a big amount of money on details then it means that you can definitely apply for a bouquet that can be made by your own hands. The idea is simple: take some of your favorite flowers and place them in a neat looking bouquet that has wrapped around it a nice looking ribbon with a bow detail.

In case of a fall wedding feel free to add season flowers with branches that have multi colored leaves. Be sure that your guests are going to remain thrilled due to the combination that you’ve applied for and you bouquet is going to be cheap.

And here’s another superb suggestion for a wedding bouquet that can be held on the arm. This one consists of a bouquet that is made of a single flower. In this case, be sure to use elegant flowers like orchids, callas, and hibiscus and wrap the flower with a simple ribbon. This will definitely seem an interesting bouquet and it’s really easy to make it in the same time.

interesting wedding bouquet 2

Another dazzling effect is definitely going to be created by adorning this bouquet with great looking pieces of jewelry and the effect is definitely scrumptious. So here’s what you have to do: add a pearl necklace and add it on the bouquet!

There’s also the option in which you can add different tropical flowers, herbs, or leaves…. Yes, the effect is definitely scrumptious!