Bright and vibrant, this gorgeous bouquet gives us an up-close-and-personal look at the stunning, plush petals and every one of its details.

10 Gorgeous Dahlia-Filled Bridal Bouquets We’re Swooning For

Swoon with us over these stunning dahlia-filled bridal bouquets. Bearing a meaning of elegance and dignity, it’s quite the romantic and powerful petal to choose for your wedding day.

There’s a lushness and softness you’ll find with these flowers. They’ll make a more rigid or texture-filled bouquet a little more romantic and delicate. But they can also stand on their own if you’re a bride looking for a whimsical, bohemian wedding. They come in a variety of feminine shades as well, varying in pink tones.

Give our little list a quick look to jumpstart your wedding planning. There are options for all seasons too; winter, spring, summer or fall, find the designs you love below!

10 Gorgeous Dahlia-Filled Bridal Bouquets We're Swooning For


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