Popular colors for flowers in the year to come

In the case of weddings in which predominant are the strong and bright colors you have to emphasize all the accent on pale tones for the flowers that are going to be present on the guests’ tables or in your outfit and that of the bridesmaids.

For the year 2011 we recommend tones of white, pink, cream and freesia. If you apply for a nude flower palette the main colors are going to be emphasized in this way….

popular colors for flowers in the year to come

If we’re speaking about the bouquets for the bridesmaids then we’re definitely referring to some spherical bouquets made of roses and these have cream tones of course. These bouquets are made in cream tones and you can add between them some flower buds made in pale pink tones. Here and there between the cream tones roses and the pink ones you can observe some green pale buds as well….
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
How about a flower arrangement which is made in white and glass? What more could you wish for when it comes to an interesting visual effect? So, we’re referring to a glass vase made in a cubical shape and at the basis of this vase you can observe some transparent marbles which are placed there and the flower bouquet completes the entire flower arrangement. The flower bouquet is made in white and it’s made of roses and other small buds.

popular colors for flowers in the year to come 2

Of course, our examples of wedding flower arrangements for the next year don’t end here…. We would like to continue with some other details that are really interesting looking and in the same time they’re great to be taken into account. We’re speaking about numerous flower arrangements, which are placed in tall glass vases and transparent in the same time. These vases are filled with white tulips and between all of these flower arrangements you can observe some candles which are placed on glass supports and let’s not forget to mention about the small flower decorations as well.

popular colors for flowers in the year to come 3

Of course, the other details and arrangements can be made of glass as well…. in the end you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous looking table.

Another gorgeous flower arrangement would definitely be one made of white peonies and also placed in a glass vase. Like it or not such arrangements are really popular and we totally recommend them in order to emphasize the main color of your wedding ceremony.

popular colors for flowers in the year to come 4

In the end you’re going to observe just how fine all these details go together – it’s unlikely not to end up with a gorgeous flower arrangement or decoration with such flowers. We hope that you take into account all the details and elements shared here with you, it’s a real pity if you don’t!