Wedding bouquets in lively colors

Flowers are really important at a wedding. What can be more important than the bride’s bouquet? Maybe the jewelry, the dress and many other things… we’re going to bring you some suggestions of wedding bouquets although this subject isn’t new to you, because we’ve talked about this aspect some time ago!


The first example of bouquet is made of nice violet and purple flowers mixed together. You should make a big bouquet, meaning that you need to have a big bunch of flowers! Around this large bouquet, you should have some nicely colored leaves that tie this wonderful accessory! Let’s mention that the bouquet is long and it has an oval shape. The part which is carried in the hand is wrapped in a nice purple velvet fabric and it simply looks great!
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A nice idea also is to have a big orange bouquet made of nice flowers with long strains! Around the bunch of flowers you can have some nice and fluid leaves… let’s mention that the strains are tied with a white ribbon which permits you to hold it in your hand. The bouquet has a circular shape and looks great from a chromatic point of view: the mixture of orange and green looks breathtaking.


The next example consists of nice rose buds in a deep red and around these wonderful flowers, a series of green leaves which look captivating in combination with this elegant red! The bouquet has a circular shape and it is rather small!

You can also have white roses combined with green and violet buds of flowers! The bouquet is medium at size and it has a fresh touch of color! You can also have pink and blue flowers here and there! Let’s mention also that you may combine various types of flowers, not only roses! Make sure that the basic color for this bouquet remains green!


The combination of pink and green will seem great for you! You may have small pink flowers combined with pink roses in different nuances and other pink flowers! The idea is to have some leaves surrounding this bouquet and you should certainly leave the strains long in order for the bouquet to look voluptuous!

The final example regards a nice combination of pale pink with white! Wink of pink and white roses with their beautiful petals combined with small flowers that seem to burst between the rose buds! The combination is great and it will fit certainly with an ivory wedding dress! There is also a slight touch of green here and there, this touch is given by the small flower’s strains!


Think that you can combine all these models together and you can create a multicolored bouquet, which will be a pleasure to toss to the single ladies in your back!