Magnificent arrangements where you may insert some pink wedding flowers

We promise that this is the last topic concerning pink wedding flowers- that is, up to this moment, because there are going to be some other great examples in the future. In this topic, as well as the others we would like to bring you some suggestions on which you have to make up your mind and maybe adopt these in your wedding day.
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We start with some pink wedding flowers that are used in open air. These arrangements are combined with some other great looking ornaments in different colors and the effect is great looking. There’s a support made of plastic, which imitates a thin hanger. On this hanger there’s placed a spherical bouquet hanging in air.

pink wedding flowers 4

Indeed, quite a nice combination and there are also some other such bouquets that are placed in air, on the same colored hangers as the color of the bouquet. Also, there’s made a delimited area where the bride will pass and it’s highlighted with the help of flower buds in different other colors. On the arch you can observe some other great looking flowers and indeed this is quite a great combination of elements. Good luck in realizing a similar combination!

Here’s another nice looking combination of pink with red flowers and with purple and green tones here and there. This vase filled with beautiful and great smelling flowers is ideal to be placed in the middle of a table in the salon. The flowers used: some petite ones, lilies, roses, carnations and different other species that can be found during this season. Let’s also mention that on the margins of this bouquet you can observe how finely the leaves can be seen and let’s not forget also about the bow detail that can be observed on the vase.

pink wedding flowers 4 2

Here’s another great suggestion: fill a nice looking glass container with water and poor on the surface some pink petals of flowers. Also, here and there, add some small candles and light them. The visual effect created is going to be really nice and be sure that this ornament will attract everybody around the table.

pink wedding flowers 4 3

We finish with some other nice looking pink wedding flowers and this time we’re speaking about some roses that did not blossom completely.

pink wedding flowers 4 4

These ones are combined with white ones and the effect created is really, really nice because you can observe how does are combined with green leaves. Indeed, quite an interesting visual effect to see and all these go really fine together. We just hope that you enjoy this idea as much as we do.