Rustic bouquets 2

Here’s how we continue with other examples of rustic bouquets and we’re offering you some other examples that are really great looking in the same time and that will definitely please your eyes. So, we have a suggestion that concerns a green and red wedding bouquet that is made of special looking plants and with red flower buds. This is a neat combination of details and elements and you can be certain that you’re going to look just great with such a bouquet in your hands.

rustic bouquets 2

A poppy bouquet is the perfect rustic bouquet that we suggest to you and it’s really great looking in the same time. This one blends perfectly red with green and it would be ideal to wrap around it a shiny ribbon in white tone to create a discontinuity image.
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You can apply for combining several flower types like roses, peonies, mint plants and many other plants. Create a really colored bouquet and you can be certain that the visual effect created Is a really nice one and good looking in the same time.

rustic bouquets 2 2

You can apply for blending several color types and this is definitely something that you would die to hold in your hands. This particular bouquet is made in many colors and in the same time it denotes simplicity, fact that makes it really interesting in the same time.

rustic bouquets 2 3

Here’s how you can hold in your hand a white and green bouquet and it’s a rustic bouquet. this one involves the usage of several types of flowers in white tone of course and between their flower buds you can apply for adding some green plants in order to create a really gorgeous visual effect and impression. What more could you wish for?

rustic bouquets 2 4

A great combination of tones is also white, violet, purple and green. Use small flowers and blend them into creating a nice looking bouquet. Also, you can apply for making this bouquet even neater if you apply for adding around its strains a blue ribbon and this will definitely create a marvelous visual effect.

These plants that we’re speaking about and these flowers can be found almost in every corners of the garden and you can definitely apply for such a bouquet.

rustic bouquets 2 5

Here’s how we continue with some other suggestions and such an option is definitely this bouquet made in orange, yellow, brown and green. There are used lilies, roses some brown plants and let’s not forget about the bride’s flowers as well. It’s an interesting looking bouquet and if you add to it big green leaves the effect is definitely guaranteed.