A Few Excellent Wedding Ideas From Pinterest


Pinterest is the social media platform known for providing great idea after great idea, many of which belong to the wedding sphere. We’ve rounded up some of the best options to inspire you as you prepare for your big day. Check them out!

Groom Cake

Want to make a special cake just for your groom? Opt for a traditional tiered cake featuring blue frosting details (or whatever his favorite color is), as well as a picture of him at the top. You may also want to go the less-traditional option and pile tiered plates high with his favorite donuts or snack cakes. Heck, you can even stack tiered plates with Oreos!

Letter Drink Charms

Consider making wire drink charms for the bridal party. Create “B” charms for the bridesmaids and “G” charms for the groomsmen. Get creative with the bride and groom drink charms by spelling out “Queen” and “King” if desired.

Ultimate Bathroom Emergency Kits

Create comprehensive bathroom emergency kits for your bridal party bathroom that feature everything and your crew could possibly need on your big day. Fill clear plastic makeup cases with items such as tiny first aid kits, travel-size bottles of hair spray, hand lotion, and deodorant, bobby pins, combs and brushes, aspirin, blotting papers, granola bars, perfume samples…you get the idea.

Photobooth Backdrop

Make a unique photobooth backdrop with this tutorial. Use it to add whimsy to your wedding…who doesn’t love an ethereal touch on their wedding day?

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Throwing a fall wedding? Use found tree branches to make autumn-inspired centerpieces. Decorate the branches with tissue or crepe paper flowers, and fill the centerpiece containers with mums or other fall blooms.

These are merely some of the endless wedding ideas available on Pinterest! Find the boards that make you squeal with glee and use them to craft the wedding day of your dreams. Many boards are DIY-inspired to help you save money…nice, right?