Crinoline wedding gowns

Do you feel more inspired of the old times? Do you relate on your wedding day to princesses or queens? Or simply love the idea of having a wedding dress that has a bohemian air and captivates attention with its glamour and preciousness?


Here are some wedding dresses that simply take your breath away and sound too good to be true! A nice dress in A shape with a nice cleavage, tiny sleeves and flower embroideries that begin from under the breast area! If you want to adopt a regal air you necessarily need a veil, but don`t put it on your face, give the entire gown a fresh look and wear the veil on one side of the head, covering only one part of the face! The dress can have a golden nuance, but kind of faded!
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A wonderful model can be represented by the dress on crinoline! It`s hard to wear such a gown, it`s rather uncomfortable, but it surely looks great! The dress doesn`t have sleeves, of course! It has a corsage that simple unveils your shoulders and breast area, the skirt area is plump and made out of silky fabrics, on one part of the dress you necessarily have to have some embroidery with a romantic motif, for example flowers! The dress must have a medium trail in order to highlight its regal look! A long veil is also needed, but make sure it`s made out of a transparent material!


You can adopt a similar dress to that presented above, but you can get rid of the embroidery and put some gloves on and on the neck area a collar made out of an ivory fur and on the head a transparent veil in that covers only your hair and not your face!

The crinoline dress with gloves and a “branch” of pearls can use instead of a veil a wonderful hat, in extra size. In the front side of the hat you can be applied an interesting model of flower or any other motifs!

Who says you can have a wedding dress with a touch of black? If you really dare to apply a romantic model of dress you can apply also for a touch of black in your dress, maybe it makes you look thinner! You can apply for a satin dress in an ivory nuance with flower embroidery in black colors; the puffy sleeves made out of taffeta can be also made in black nuance. The veil can also be black, if you dare, but if you don`t wear veil at all, no one will be mad!

These crinoline gowns being precious also need precious accessories, such as: necklace pearls, crystal or diamonds bracelets, fur collars and silk gloves!


As you can see, wearing a crinoline wedding dress involves a lot of extra expenses, but certainly it`s worth it, because you`ll have a different look and you`ll be admired for your courage and inventivity!