3 Wedding Presents That Should Really Be Swiss-Made

Ah, the Swiss, they truly know how to live. They have all the best chocolate, heavenly cheese and incredible white wine – which is actually one of their best-kept secrets. So it may not come as a big surprise that many couples opt for Swiss goodies on their special day or even choose Switzerland as their fairy-tale wedding location. To make your own – or a loved one’s – wedding day extra memorable, Switzerland offers more than just tasty delights. The following wedding gifts are always thoughtful, but absolutely superior if they are Swiss-made.


This is a complete no-brainer, of course! For centuries, Switzerland has been hailed as the birthplace of the wristwatch and the Swiss have positioned themselves as the absolute masters of watchmaking – for good reason. Although the first mobile watch is said to have been invented by the German Peter Henlein at the start of the 16th century, it was the Swiss Jacob Zech who shortly thereafter solved the problem of synchronizing watches; a solution that was improved upon by another Swiss watchmaker called Gruet. This sparked a global interest in Swiss watches and laid the foundation for their outstanding watchmaking reputation to this day.

A hallmark for luxury, some of the best-known Swiss brands might just be Rolex, Breitling, and Omega. However, if you’re looking for an affordable luxury brand, Tissot offers outstanding quality and highly diverse models, from high-tech to vintage styles. Of course, like most Swiss watches, they still come with a fair price tag, so you might want to check out second-hand options online to drive the price down even further. Tissot is definitely worth shopping around for, as these watches will last the bride or groom a lifetime and forever serve as a keepsake and reminder of the wedding.

Espresso Machine

When it comes to Swiss craftsmanship, it doesn’t end at watchmaking. Now, you might not instantly think of Switzerland when you sip your first cup of Joe in the morning – Latin America might sooner spring to mind, or Italy perhaps? However, “Swiss-made” has become synonymous for quality and reliability in the espresso machine market, leading to an increasing number of brands opting for Swiss manufactory. After all, the Swiss are widely known for their values of precision and excellence and this translates to high-quality espresso makers from brands such as Jura, Olympia Express, and Egro.

In addition to high quality, Swiss machines also stand for durability, which means that whatever espresso machine you gift the happy couple will last them a very long time. This way they will be able to enjoy their supreme Java for years to come, reminiscing about all the guests who attended their joyful ceremony.

Fondue or Raclette Set

Obviously, we couldn’t leave out Swiss cheese altogether. Perhaps you won’t be quick to present the bride and groom with a bunch of cheese – although there definitely are worse gifts than a Swiss cheese selection basket – but setting them up with a traditional way to enjoy Swiss dairy in their future together can be quite a thoughtful gesture. Provided they appreciate a good Gruyère or Emmentaler, that is. The Swiss take their cheese very seriously, which is why any alternative to artisanal fondue and raclette simply cannot measure up.

No funny grills with little pans can ever replace the real McCoy: actual stainless steel fondue pots or original raclette equipment that shaves off the melted cheese from the wheel. Make sure to include the right Swiss recipe or some traditional cheeses to get them started – perhaps accompanied by the perfect white wine for the romantic finishing touch.

As always, be mindful of what would suit the couple in question and go for something that they would truly appreciate. Checking in with them or going over their registry, if available, should always be step number one. Happy gift shopping!