Pieces of advice for short grooms

When it comes to height and weight, men have the same problems as women. And, given the fact that the wedding day is a very important day for them too, there are some tricks that they should learn, in order to appear taller. We have said it and we are going to repeat it again: being a short groom is not a defect, but however we completely understand the fact that you want to look better on your wedding day.
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Your number one secret would be the soles that are put inside your shoes, in order to look one or two inches taller. It will bring a great contribution to your aspect and will totally embellish your groom appearance. So, go for this trick and you will surely appreciate your new height.

Pieces of advice for short grooms - groom shoesCredit
Groom shoes

Now, you must be very attentive, because we have some tips, as far as your wedding attire is concerned. If you will wear a monochromatic suit, it will visually elongate your figure. But, if you choose your wedding suit to be composed of different shades or tones, try to wear on top the lightest color, while for your pants you should pick a darker shade, for a lengthening effect. Otherwise, wearing a black shirt and pants of a light coloured shade will make you look shorter.

I believe you are aware of the fact that you must wear the right measures. Choosing a larger or a smaller wedding suit will make you look shorter. Also, you will need to wear some elements that will draw attention to your face. For instance you may wear a coat with sharp lapels. Try to avoid the ones with two rows and shirts with a very deep collar. Not to mention that a slim tie will help you more than a wide one.

Pieces of advice for short groomsCredit
Pieces of advice for short grooms

And our last advice would be to have your hair cut shorter. It will expose more of your face and it will most likely bring a great improvement to your wedding appearance. It goes without saying that men with short hair look more organized and handsome, fact that will help you expose a beautiful groom look.