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HELP! Need Wedding Gift Idea For Future Husband

Wedding Gift Ideas For My Future Husband


I need some advice on what to get my FH. My wedding is coming up soon and I want to get my fiance something. Has anyone else thought about this? Does anyone have any good ideas?


Donna, Wedding Queen

What is your budget?

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I’m glad someone asked this question, but I would like the answer, too! Our budget for each other is $50.

Donna, Wedding Queen

First, you should consider what he likes…does he have any hobbies? My fiance collects watches so i bought him the diamond engagement watch (the cost on that is well above $50 though,, sorry). Think about him and select something personal that he can keep forever to remember the wedding day. This could be something you buy or a simple hand written letter written on beautiful staionary. Perhaps a pair of special cufflinks for the wedding day or a jewelry box to keep his watch and cufflinks in.

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My FH loves Mickey Mouse (as does his parents). I bought a Mickey stuffed animal and will have him holding a watch with our wedding date engraved on the back. I am also going to send him an early wedding morning basket with his favorite coffee grounds, a drip coffee maker, two Mickey ceramic coffee mugs, and a Mickey travel mug. I will also have a couple of Krispy Cream Doughnuts for him to enjoy that morning…

My advice to you (and no I’m not an expert) make it as personal and sweet as you can. Even something as simple as a nicely worded card, or a message in a bottle could bring tears to his eyes…

Good luck…

~Amber Lyn

Expert in Weddings

Perhaps he is into the unusual? Or is he into sci-fi, or science? We are getting married on the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, I am getting my fiancé a star. You can purchase this from several vendors online, you aren’t really getting the star[:)] but you get a map of the star you purchased and all sorts of other things with it. They also make a book of these purchased stars. oh yes and you get to name the star and of course that name shows up in the book!

I couldn’t think of anything for my fiance, either. I’ve decided that I’m going to make his gift. I do needlework so I’ve decided to cross-stitch the chorus of our wedding song along with our names and wedding date on it. (I just hope we don’t change the song later!)

I haven’t decided yet, but I was thinking of getting him an engraved valet with our wedding date. He’s constantly leaving his change and pocket knife around the house and losing them. If he had a central place to keep everything, it would be good! The engraving will add a bit of personalization and love. I also like the idea of getting him a little gift basket that morning with some of his favorite morning foods (pop-tarts, krispy kreme, coffees, etc.). Anything from the heart, he should enjoy!