Aunt Of The Bride Speech (Mother of Bride Passed Away)

My sister (mother of the bride) recently passed away. I would love to say a few words to my beautiful niece – but I don’t want to turn make everyone cry. Could you suggest a few words to say?

Rick Pieczonka – Instant Wedding Toasts

Dear Aunt of the Bride,

Since the loss is so new to everyone, it’s not necessary to make it a big part in your speech.

Toast to your niece as you would have done anyway, gushing about how beautiful she looks and how much she has touched your life, what a wonderful wife she will make, and your hopes for her future.

To mention her mother, you might open your speech with:

“Thank you for letting me take a moment to toast my beautiful neice. ________ you look absolutely radiant today, and very much in love. As you walked down the isle I’m sure I saw an angel on your shoulder – your mom wouldn’t have missed today.”

Best of luck with your toast.

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