How To Write An Awesome Maid Of Honor Speech

maid of honor speech

maid of honor speech

Want to make your Maid of Honor speech one that’s memorable for all the right reasons? Well, writing a Maid of Honor speech is not unlike writing a Maid of Honor toast. With that in mind, check out our formula for the best Maid of Honor speech/toast, and remember to give yourself at least three weeks to write it!

Maid of Honor Speech Formula

Part One: “I love you both so, so much.”

Part Two: A sweet anecdote about the couple, including why they’re so fantastic together and what makes their relationship awesome. This should make up the majority of your speech.

Part Three: Wish them years of happiness and love at this juncture.

Part Four: Make the toast, and everyone drinks! Weeee!

Remember to keep the speech short and sweet, for your sake and everyone else’s!

Maid of Honor Speech Sample

[Name] and [Name],

I love you both so much. [Bride], not only are you one of my best friends, you’ve also been there for me when being my friend didn’t just entail late-night convenience store runs and hours of watching 90′s movies. We’ve grown up together and I am so grateful we are still so close.

And [Groom], I love you, too! You’re an incredible partner to my beloved bestie, and a great friend to me also. I know you didn’t expect that dating Stacey would include helping her crazy friend after she locked her keys in her apartment three times in one month, but you are a doll and a gentleman for doing it with a smile and only making fun of me a little.

One of the many great things about the two of you is how you are together. I’ve never seen two people so well-suited for each other; it’s hard to imagine a time when you weren’t “[both names]”. It may seem like fate threw you together, but I like to think it goes beyond that.

Having been there from the beginning, I know that what appeared to be effortless was actually two people who truly loved one another and knew they were going to make their relationship work. They didn’t just magically fit into each other’s lives, rather they rearranged their lives to ensure they both had a place in the others.

They changed priorities, always made time for one another and even enjoyed each other’s little quirks, such as James’s not-so-secret love of boy bands. But perhaps the best example of their commitment is what we now call “the hockey debacle.”  You see, when they started dating, [Groom] noticed [Bride] had a framed Gretsky jersey in her den. [Groom] made the decision to take [Bride] to local hockey games and watch national games on TV so they would have something to discuss the next time they talked.

[Bride] thought [Groom] was a hockey nut and even asked my brother to help her learn more about the game. However, [Bride] had never actually watched hockey, rather the jersey belonged to her beloved uncle who passed a few years ago.

Eventually, our couple figured everything out…it took six months, but it did happen! Yet once these two worked on their communication skills, they found they had a new favorite hobby to do together.

This indicates not only how goofy these two are for each other, but how committed they are to being in each other’s lives. Yours is a love that makes us smile, makes us tear up with joy and makes us believe in fairytale romance. Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone, and for being my friends.

To [Bride and Groom]! (everybody drinks)

So there you have it! Enjoy writing your speech…and whatever you do, don’t mention strippers!


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