Short Best Man Speeches – Short and Sweet

short best man speech


Writing a best man speech can be daunting, to say the least. However, it does not have to be.

By sticking with our short best man speeches method, you can say what needs to be said and still impress and be funny.

All it takes is a few minutes, and then you can breathe again and enjoy the day!

First, a Quick Reminder About What Makes a Great Speech

A great speech will always include the essentials. An intro that’s appreciate, heartfelt words, a few jokes and the right kind of toast are just the beginning.

8 Tips to Improve Your Speech Writing

  1. First, talk about your relationship with the groom after a short introduction of yourself.
  2. Thank everyone for organizing the event.
  3. If anyone has sent messages but cannot be there that day, read them.
  4. Poke fun at the groom a bit by sharing a funny story.
  5. Compliment the bride and say something about the bridesmaid.
  6. Offer a bit of advice to the married couple. Something funny is great, here.
  7. Then, offer up a sincere toast to the newlyweds.
  8. When you are done, present the next speaker for the evening. Finally, take your seat.

Two Short and Sweet Best Man Speech Examples

Funny and Upbeat

“Good evening everyone! Let’s lift our glasses and toast to the newlyweds!

Don’t worry, your arms won’t get tired. My speech is going to be like a mini-skirt: long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to hold your attention.

[Groom], thank you for being such a stable force in my life, a great friend and an even better brother. [Bride], I think we can all agree that you’re stunning this evening and [Groom] won the lottery.

[Bride] & [Groom], tonight we celebrate you. We all wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, health, success and laughter. May you continue to find humor in the bad and appreciation for the good. May your friendship continue to grow throughout all the years to come. Cheers!”

Heartfelt and Personal

Hello, everyone, I am Brad. You may not know me, but Keith and I go way back, since college, in fact. We have been mischief makers together since the very start.

But despite our best efforts, today has went off without a hitch. A special thanks to everyone who made today possible. I have a few words to read from well-wishers who could not join us here today (read off messages sent from people who could not attend).

Well, their kind words are right. Keith is a heck of a guy. I guess I first knew that on the day we met. There he was, already in our dorm room, doing his best to find himself a girl on campus. And he had only been there a few hours! Really, his pursuits in this avenue were largely less than successful.

That was, until he met Maddie. And thank goodness for that. Keith, I hate to tell you this, but I have seen your ex-girlfriends, and I certainly think the best woman won out. Or, at least the most beautiful, at any rate. She looks stunning today. So, too, do the bridesmaids. If any of them are interested, I can give them my number after this is over.

I would like to offer you both a bit of advice today, as you start this new journey together. Keith, always treat Maddie like the queen that she is. And Maddie, always remember that Keith love you and could not do it without you. Seriously, I have seen him without you. And that was a mess.

But, seriously, I wish you all best. You are both near and dear to me. Your life together is sure to be a fantastic new chapter for both of you. Now, if you would all join me to give a toast to Luke and Maddie.

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