Best Man Speech Template The Only One You Will Ever Need



So your best pal’s wedding is nearing, and you haven’t figured out what to say on your speech as his best man. Fret no more, for here’s an easy to use and effective best man speech template for you to get inspired by:

Preliminary Ideas on our Best Man Speech Template

What’s challenging about this speech is the need to combine casualness while structure is still ensured, without sounding too monotonous and dragging the entire time. It’s a given for a best man speech to be entertaining, funny and sincerely candid.

This should also last anywhere between seven to fifteen minutes. To make your best man speech concise, it would be advisable to prepare fro it at least a month before the wedding so you’d have enough time for editing and rehearsing.

As you deliver your speech, don’t avoid geting a bit emotional. This is a very special occasion for your best friend and a few tears would be part of the equation. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting close friends and family members together to celebrate the love and unity of the newlyweds.

Using this best man speech template, feel free to experiment with some ideas and fill out the following main stages  of the speech:

  • Welcoming guests and acknowledging their presence
  • How you met the groom and sharing funny stories as you spent time with him
  • His exceptional traits and accomplishments
  • About meeting the love of his life and a message to the bride
  • Raising your glass to the newly weds

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Welcoming the Guests

Right before giving the speech, the MC would most likely introduce you to the guests. This part of the best man speech template should be the time for you to establish rapport with the audience and make them feel comfortable. You can welcome them to the celebration and thank them for coming to the wedding.

While not all best men can be smooth talkers or gracious hosts by nature, what’s more, important is for you to be yourself and simply be happy to be around the guests, before easing your way to the speech proper.

How You Met the Groom

At this part of the best man speech template, you can talk about how you and the groom hit it off towards becoming the best of friends. If you’re his brother, then talk about how you thought of him and the bonds you had when you were little.

While filling out your best man speech template, be as real as possible, and you may just edit the details into something more audience-friendly later on. It doesn’t need to be perfect from the beginning. The objective is to establish the realness of your friendship because that’s what the guests can relate to and appreciate hearing.

When delivering jokes about the groom, make sure they’re wholesome and not offensive. Before writing down anything funny about him, think of whether your parents, his friends and everyone else in the room would relatively find your stories amusing.

The Groom’s Character and Accomplishments

At this stage in our best man speech template you should create the opportunity to build up on the strengths of the groom, and how you may be proud of how he has become the man that he is today. Share about how he grew as a person, the things he does excellently and how he strove to be the best he could possibly be.

Most importantly, talk about his character as a person especially on how he dealt with the toughest times. After all, this is a speech about celebrating the groom’s growth into manhood towards becoming a married man.

On Meeting the Love of His Life

This should be the biggest highlight of the speech. You can talk about how the groom and his bride met. You can also share about how you knew the groom was in love and of your impressions about the bride. Most importantly, share of how you’ve seen the groom to be even more complete now that he’s found the woman of his dreams. You can also thank the bride for the many reasons you thought made the groom happy.

Well-Wishing and Raising Your Glass to the Newlyweds

To wrap up, include some of your hopes and dreams for the newlyweds’ happiness. Invite everyone to raise their glasses, and celebrate the groom and bride’s journey to their new life.

Make sure to have your speech proofread by a close friend, and rehearse the messages you’ll deliver in time for the reception. This way, you’ll have better chances of also connecting with the audience.

By following this simple best man speech template, you may hopefully have a successful speech and an enjoyable celebration with the newlyweds.

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