Top Tips For How to Write a Great Wedding Toast

A wedding toast at the reception is one of things that are common in most weddings. It is a tradition that is done to wish the bride and groom good health and happiness. The speech is in most cases made by a parent, the best man, or a close relative or friend of the bride and groom. There are some useful pointers that will guide you as far as how to write a wedding toast is concerned. Wedding toast tips are helpful and will go a long way in making your wedding speech effective and heartfelt.

Plan to introduce yourself to members of the audience who do not know you. It can include briefly identifying yourself and stating your relationship to the happy couple. Start the wedding toast by commenting about the ceremony.

The wedding toast is just like any other speech. It has to be well structured. It has to have a beginning, middle and an end. Plan it well and ensure that these three parts are well structured and clear. Write down what you need to say in advance. These may include what you think about their union, what people who love them say about their relationship, and their passions and interests.

Consider the positive qualities that the two have. Keep them in mind when writing the wedding toast. If you want to take about the past choose a situation that involves both the bride and groom.

The wedding toast should be personal, warm and brief. Spend as few minutes as possible. Say what you feel is appropriate and you would want the two love birds and the people around to know.

You can use the internet to spice up your wedding toast. There are many websites and other online resources that have many quotations that you can use to get inspiration or start your speech. Take time to read through them and choose the ones that will best describe their relationship.

There are some things that you should not mention in the wedding toast. Do not mention previous relationships. Keep out other things such as any future plans that the couple may have told you. You can ask the guests to join in your wedding toast towards the end of the speech before letting everyone know that it is complete by using a phrase that will clearly relay this. Make sure that you take time to rehearse the wedding toast.

Any other tips we forgot to mention? Let us know!