Keep Or Ignore? Two Western Wedding Traditions For Your Consideration


Whether you are new to this country or simply want to learn more about Western wedding traditions, read on. Feel free to incorporate them into your wedding…or not! It’s your big day, so what you and your partner want is what’s most important.

Tradition #1: It’s Bad Luck For The Groom To See The Bride Before The Wedding

This wedding tradition stems from arranged marriages. The betrothed couple were not allowed to see each other since marriage way back when was a business arrangement. The father of the bride wanted her to marry a rich man, but worried the groom would call off the marriage if he found her too unattractive. This idea is also the reason behind the bridal veil.

In today’s world the whole “fear of an unattractive bride” concept is no longer a thing. However, the decision to not see each other the day of the ceremony until it is time to say “I do” adds a bit more excitement to the process.

Tradition #2: The “Something” Tradition

The “something” tradition comes from the following rhyme:

Something old

Something new

Something borrowed

Something blue

And a sixpence in her shoe

Something new is easy enough, such as the bridal gown, as is something borrowed, such as your mother’s pearls. Obtaining something old can be a bit more challenging, however a photograph of your parents or grandparents on their wedding day is sufficient. As for something blue….this is arguably the hardest one, though you can incorporate something blue into anything, such as your bridal bouquet or the centerpieces. Whether you want to use this tradition depends on if you find it fun or not. If the answer is “not,” feel free to skip it. Oh, and don’t worry about the sixpence.

Remember, it’s your wedding! Deciding to honor these traditions or ignore them completely is entirely up to you. There’s no right or wrong on your wedding day, just what you and your partner envision. Have fun!