7 Ways to Make Your Proposal Unique

So you’ve decided you want to get married. But have you decided how you’re going to propose? Do you want to be one of those couples who everyone videos and then watches on YouTube with their hand on their heart? Or do you want ask them over breakfast with the same nonchalance as when you asked if they wanted any marmalade? If you’re the former, here are seven ways to make your proposal unique.

1. Involve the Important People in Your Lives

Arrange a special day in the name of making your partner feel good. Invite all of your shared friends and all of the people who are exclusively your partner’s friend as well. This should be done at their favorite restaurant. Have each person give a little speech about why your partner is so wonderful, then give your own speech for the finale, which ends “…which is why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

2. Make a Cute Video

To pull at those heart strings and make them feel nostalgic, why not have somebody create a short animation which summarises your relationship up to this point. It could have child-like animation to represent the pureness of your love, along with a song that means a lot to you both. It would end on the proposal of marriage.

3. Create a Mystery to Solve Together

Draw up some kind of code and ask your partner to marry you in it. You could solve the code together and, along the way, set up things which will remind you both of many nostalgic memories and experiences. The cracking of the code and the discovery of the proposal would make for an emotional conclusion.

4. Make a Cute Video Game

This one won’t apply if your partner doesn’t like video games, but what you could do is make a fun game for you to both play together. It could be full of references to your shared history (similar to the video idea above) and conclude with a proposal message.

5. Incorporate Animals

Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? And I am sure your partner would be quite excited by the prospect of getting to interact with their very favorite animal (unless it’s a hippo or something) and perhaps when it comes along, it has a message from you around it’s neck: it’s your proposal! Or maybe you could dive into the aquarium tank and hold up the question to your partner in the viewing area.

6. Find a Hidden Treasure

Arrange a luxurious trip to the beach. Ahead of time, find a secluded area for you to bury a treasure chest (really, your ring and proposal.) Have somebody watch the spot of the ‘treasure’ so that it isn’t stolen and then you can discover it together. A great and exciting experience to share.

 7. Make it Special, by Being Ordinary

Spend the whole day together, but instead of doing anything extravagant, just stay in and share each other’s time. Joke together, talk about your feelings, watch your favorite film, order a pizza, listen to some nice music. Have a great time without going out or even getting dressed. At the end of it all, tell them that you value their time above all else and even if you don’t have a life full of the most amazing luxuries, a life shared with them is an amazing luxury. With so many extravagant proposals out there, this minimalist approach will be very unique.

Everyone will have a different approach and how you decide to propose will be based on the kind of relationship which you and your partner share. Once you’ve planned out what you’re going to do, you might then want to purchase your ring. The Berganza website is definitely a good place to find engagement rings. What would be your dream proposal?

By Hollie Jones

Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She is passionate about many things, including upcycling, interior design, crafts and weddings. Writing is one of Hollie’s favorite things to do and so she takes a lot of pride in writing articles on her favorite subjects.