Bizarre Wedding Proposal

5 of the Most Bizarre Marriage Proposals

It’s fair to say if you’re going to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage, then it is going to be a memorable day. But for some people, getting engaged alone is not quite enough, it has to be done in its own special way. Some may opt for the personal approach, many keep it simple or choose a popular romantic hotspot while there are those that want their betrothal to go with a bang. At Chillisauce we hear every end of the spectrum, speaking to blushing brides and grinning grooms every day and there is no shortage of stand-out stories. From the wild and wacky to the downright weird, here are five of our favourite bizarre marriage proposals:

The Back from the Dead Proposal

Bizarre Wedding Proposal
If you want to experience the highs, then you’ve got to take the lows, or so the thinking goes. It seems uniquely romantic Russian man Alexey Bykov thought it was wise to deliver both in one dramatic afternoon, hiring a film director, stunt man and make-up artist in order to fake his own death in a car crash in front of his heartbroken girlfriend, before ‘rising from the dead’ to pop the question while covered in bandages and fake blood. Incredibly, she said yes.

The Music Video in Your Pants Proposal

Pants proposal video
Bristol radio sports presenter Pete Simson shocked his girlfriend with a proposal that was far from pants, hiring out a cinema and surprising her by broadcasting a five minute spoof video of himself miming to Daniel Bedingfield’s hit If You’re Not The One, wearing nothing but his colourful underwear. Not only did she say yes, but he became a cult hero in the process.

The Flashmob Proposal

Flashmob proposal
Of course, not all wacky proposal ideas turn out as planned. Take the poor fella in Iceland who had clearly gone to a lot of effort in planning his flashmob song and dance routine which captured the attention of his would-be finance. It seems it all became a bit much when she realised what was actually going on, ignoring the yells of onlookers to “say yes!” and instead running off in tears while the dancers shuffled away awkwardly. Ok, so it was all probably faked, but it’s still a valuable warning to all those planning their own flashmob proposal, with the trend for recruiting crowds to surprise the would-be bride showing no sign of abating.

The Zero Gravity Proposal

Zero Gravity Proposal
Until Virgin Galactic’s tourist flights into space finally take off, this is probably as close as you can get to a proposal among the stars. Proposing during a scenic helicopter ride, in first class seats on your way to a dream holiday or in a romantic hot air balloon ride are all popular ideas. But one man with a head for heights went one step further, taking his girlfriend on a special zero gravity flight and whipping out the ring while the two of them were weightless and floating around the cabin. Private equity banker Alexander Loucopoulos, from New York, has already earmarked celebrating his 10-year anniversary with wife Graciela in style by taking her on a flight into space.,,20042118_20042123_20059262,00.html

The Underwater Proposal

Scuba dive proposal
Diving enthusiasts around the world have made a habit of popping the question while underwater, surrounded by marine life. But if you don’t fancy taking your chances with the ring floating away or just don’t want to get your hair wet, then take a leaf out of Dave Stevens’ book who instead recruited the help of scuba divers and staff at an aquarium in Plymouth to pop the question to Nicole Sturgess for him, while he got down on one knee from the safety of dry land.

Written by Michael Chidzey from Chillisauce. Chillisauce is famous for organising exceptional stag dos and hen parties all over the UK and Europe.