Groom trends 2009

A few days and we can all say “Happy New Year!” so it`s appropriate to talk about what has meant 2009 in the masculine trends, that means what the groom has worn in the year that is just going to end…

Think permanently that the future married man will have to look elegant and refined like the prince in his castle and the king in his own kingdom does! This being said, it`s all about attitude, the more self confident you are, the better you look. You also must pick your wardrobe accordingly to how good you want to feel in those clothes, because you are going to wear them during the entire ceremony!


You also need to know that your costume must suit with that of the bride, chromatically and stylistically speaking. In other words, if the bride adopts a romantic style in her gown, you also may attach some elements to your groom suit too, if she`s very elegant you must be the same, and so on; remember you must be like two pieces of puzzle that always fit!


Chromatic speaking it`s not such a good idea that both gowns have the same color, because they look alike too much and that sounds very boring… if they have colors in contrast they will highlight one and other, but the groom may have some nuances from the bride`s gown and those may be placed on the buttons, the tie or the handkerchief on the chest.

Sometimes you can take into account the day in which the ceremony occurs when choosing a suit. If you do the civil ceremony in the same day, it is recommendable to wear in the morning a gray, silver costume with a blue opaque stripe and the shirt in an optimistic, happy tone, such as: pink, yellow and certainly not blue because it`s associated with a work suit( probably the desk). For the night ceremony you can wear a simple, black redingote with floral or geometrical motifs.


Some pieces of advice for the year 2009 still available because there are some weeks remaining until the end and if you really loved the ideas mentioned above you can also use them in the year to come, after all the fashion applies to what suits you better; you know that, don`t you?

As a conclusion, the costume that the groom wears must be in perfect concordance with the bride`s gown, this has been a basic principle in order to form a happily couple that`s about to get married!