Great Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

Though many think that a wedding is all about the bride, the groom has a lot to figure out and take care of too—like figuring out the perfect gift to give his groomsmen. That’s right, bridesmaids are not the only ones that get cute little gifts of appreciation, so you better start thinking about your bros. The guys you have chosen to be at your side up there at that altar have stuck with you no matter what, so it’s important that you honor them in the form of a thoughtful gift. While there are tried-and-true classics, like cufflinks and ties, we recommend that you think a little outside of the box – and if not outside the box, at least open the lid a little bit. So, here are some great gift ideas for your groomsmen, ranging from some practical classics to more unique varieties.

Spirits Glasses

If your groomsmen fancy themselves liquor connoisseurs, finding super cool and unique lowball glasses or martini glasses can be a good way to go. The nice thing about this gift is that they can enjoy them at home whenever they want, but you all can also get together for spirits nights and enjoy your matching barware as a group. Word of warning, though: if one of your groomsmen is sober, steer clear of this gift out of respect.


If you think that slippers are too lame of a gift to give, you obviously have never been introduced to a great pair of slippers. Not only are they something that people tend not to buy themselves, slippers can be super practical if you find a pair that works for going outside as well as for lounging at home. We suggest finding some comfy leather or suede slippers with a faux-shearling lining that will make your groomsmen feel like they stepped out of Mad Men—especially if you pair them with those lowball glasses.

Personalize Something Little

Personalizing a gift with someone’s initials is always appreciated, especially when it is paired with something fitting for the occasion. For instance, are you having a destination wedding that requires your groomsmen to travel? If so, then get them leather luggage tags that have been hand-stamped (bonus points if you do it yourself) with their names. You can also add an address and phone number, but those might change in the future and if they do, the tag will be obsolete. Maybe include an email address or phone number instead, as those usually hold more permanence. You can also go with a cool keychain in an unusual material (like gold or wood) or even a passport holder.


Okay, now this one may not seem all that thrilling, but everyone loves a great pair of sunglasses, especially when they are given to commemorate a special occasion. Thankfully, finding sunglasses for a man is actually pretty easy; if you know the guys in your group well enough, you should have no trouble at all selecting the right style. You can either opt for matching sunglasses to give everyone, or take into account each person’s individual look and buy everyone something different. Gift them right before the wedding—that way you can all match in the wedding photographs.

Weekender Bag

This one may also be practical, but it is also a little more on the unexpected side. At some point, everyone is in need of a good weekender bag, which makes this a great gift option – especially if the wedding requires your groomsmen to travel. Instead of getting something cheap and made of canvas, you should find bags that would not look out of place in a GQ spread, such as a space-efficient leather design that is made to sustain years and years of abuse.

Plan a Boys’ Weekend

If you don’t want to buy them something material, you can always plan a weekend boy’s trip that is completely separate from the Bachelor Party. Set up something fun that centers around an activity that you all have been talking about doing, like skydiving and bungee jumping, and plan the whole thing for maybe a month or two after the wedding. That way you will all have an excuse to get together and a whole slew of fun memories can be made. Check out Cloud9Living to find the right experience for your crew!