Interesting models of groom suits 2

Apart from the models of groom suits we have already presented, here we have another series that will surely help you make a good decision and look as good as the bride.
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How about a suit made of wool and silk in a gray-black color? The jacket has some buttons at the base of the sleeves and features the normal and classical cuts. Wear a black elegant shirt made of cotton with this suit and a silk tie in a metallic gray, and you will be a proud statement of fashion taste and elegance.


For some, a shiny costume may be more inspiring: a suit made of wool and silk, with one row of two buttons, a V vest with three buttons, normal pants, without any lines, an elegant cotton shirt in a sweet color (maybe pink will not be a bad idea), a really slim tie in the same nuance as the elegant shirt and let us not forget about the shiny leather shoes. We believe that this will represent an outstanding groom look.


Another option is a long jacket made of wool and cotton with a relatively long collar, normal pants, a blue cotton elegant shirt (or any other color you prefer), no tie or bow tie, no vest and – the final accessory – the black shiny leather shoes.

Here we have a new idea for you: a suit made out of black wool and viscose, a silk vest in a faded gray and a bow tie made out of the same fabric and color as the elegant shirt. A nice pair of elegant shoes will complete this fashionable groom appearance.

And our final suggestion implies a redingote made of strong silk that closes with a button, a V vest that matches the outside piece of clothing perfectly, a nice elegant white shirt and at the base of the shirt`s sleeves two nice buttons. Furthermore, it would be great if the redingote bear a gray nuance with nice models on the fabric or even a matte color with a silvery touch. For a better contrast, the pants must be black.


To conclude, no matter what costume and what style you choose to wear on your wedding day, make sure it suits your personality and it also emphasizes your elegance and your best physical features. It is important to show self confidence and dignity on this important day.