Wedding Registry Ideas for Couples Who Live Together

If you’re newly engaged, you will likely hear a few of the same questions on multiple occasions. Have you set a date? How many people are you inviting? Where are you registered? The last question can be the most challenging for couples to answer, especially if they’ve lived together for a long time prior to their engagement.

If your current collection of dishes is more than enough for you, and you don’t need a spare blender anytime soon, a traditional registry may not be the best option for your wedding. Here are a few ideas and considerations when crafting a wedding registry if you already live together.

Make a List of Upgrades

While you and your significant other may have already started to build a home together, that doesn’t mean that you’re exactly where you want to be. Make a list of things you have that are dated or leftovers from your college days. Add newer, better versions of these objects to your registry. If you receive these gifts, great! If you don’t, well at least you still have your old faithful blender to get you through until it finally bites the dust.

Register at Your Favorite Store

If you have a store you love, register there and make a list of the objects you desire. They might not be objects you necessarily need, but now is the time to indulge a bit! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or be held to traditional expectations. If you love Bed, Bath and Beyond, create a Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry. If Ikea has finally opened shop in your area, register there. The choice is up to you and your partner.

Ask for Fun

Ask for things that will make your marriage fun. Have your guests help you create a classic board game collection so that you can host future games nights in your living room. Ask for art commissions of you and your partner as superheroes. Build a collection of outdoor accessories to make summer evenings on your back deck enjoyable or have a few guests pool their money to get you a custom-made fire pit. Think of the things you enjoy doing together and ask for gifts related to those activities.

Honeymoon Fund

If you’re planning on taking a honeymoon, start a honeymoon fund or register with a local travel agent. Alternatively, you can ask for the bits and pieces you’ll need to make your excursion enjoyable. New, matching luggage is a popular choice for avid travelers, while pet owners might enjoy gift certificates or the offer of dog sitting while they are away. This is also a great way for do-it-yourself enthusiasts to create gift baskets with sunscreen, flip-flops, and travel packs.


If you’re a homeowner, you are likely well aware of the attention and maintenance a house requires. Perhaps you want to expand your kitchen to hold your growing family better. Maybe you’d settle for removing the shag carpets the original owner installed back in the day. Whatever the case, asking for gift cards to home renovation centers is a great way to take the edge off the cost associated with your home upgrades.

Crowdfunding Your Wedding

A new and slightly controversial route some couples are taking is crowdfunding their wedding. That is, asking for a monetary gift up front to help fund the biggest party of the attendees’ lives. While this elicits mixed feelings among guests, particularly the more traditional ones, it is an option for people who want to have a big wedding and don’t require anything for their home.

Ask for Nothing

If the thought of racking your brain for things you need stresses you out, or you don’t feel comfortable asking for cash, don’t ask for anything. People will usually deduce that you want cash from this silence or purchase you something unique and creative. You could take this further and ask for no gifts and just enjoy the company of your friends and family (or each other if you elope). Whatever you choose to do, remember that it is the love and celebration of your life together that truly matters. An espresso machine is just the icing on the cake.