Top 5 Hen Night Bridal Games


Whether you happen to be the maid of honour, a guest or even the bride herself, there is one re-wedding event you all can’t wait for, and that is of course the hen party. No hen party is complete without some obligatory fun and lots of games. It is also a great way to break the ice, get the celebrations started and ensure that the energy is kept high. If you have been tasked with arranging the hen party or are helping out with the hen party, make sure you have played at least one of these games.

Jenga Hen Party Game

Jenga is a childhood favourite for many but this hen party version is a little bit different. This hen arty game does take a bit of preparation and time, but it is really worth it. On each Jenga block get each guest to write down a truth or dare, then stack the Jenga up in a tower. Each hen must then remove a Jenga block from the tower and carryout the dare or truth. Try to keep it going, without knocking over the tower.

Bride Bingo

This hen party also takes some organising, but it works a treat whether you are having a night out on the town or are going for afternoon tea. Have all of your guests write down what gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive, as she opens them, mark them off  any present written down on your bingo card, guests that include bingo calls from the ultimate bingo dictionary definitely gets an extra point. Once a guest gets a five in a row then shout bridal bingo, the prizes can be silly like a cupcake or nail polish.


This hen party game is sure to bring the fun factor and have all the guests mingling. It is only natural to speculate as to what the big day will reveal so why not do so all together.  Get all the hens to write down their predictions on a piece of paper; they can be as whacky or sweet as you want. As an example you could include anything from the first dance song to who will cry first. For each one they get right on the wedding day, each hen will get a prize or even a reward.