bridal shower fun favor ideas

Best Ideas for Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors are an optional topping to your day of spoiling with fun and games. If you’re planning one of these festivities for a bestie or maybe you’re a bride who wants to say thank you in a subtle way to all your guests and loved ones, one of these gifts of love below may do the trick.  These are the best of the best, so school through and see if one strikes your fancy (and your vision).

For Winos

When you can a lot of loved ones together, a glass of wine may be on a lot of minds. So, pay homage to the splendid taste and smell of wine with a gift that they can use while indulging in their favorite palate.

Skeleton Key Bottle Opens | $35.99 for 52

skeleton key bottle openers

Bottle openers are a great way to say thanks and provide a keepsake of that appreciation. These particular pieces are perfect for vintage or romantic style themes – but you can easily find all sorts of designs to fit your vision (and your budget).

Wine Novelty Socks | $9.99 for 5 pairs

Wine Novelty Socks

For our wine-loving gal pals, some socks that speak to that love could be a nice parting gift. They come in all kinds of colors and various sizes, so this charming, humorous present is nice for all.

Alloy Heart Bottle Stoppers | $39.90 for 24

Alloy Heart Bottle Stoppers

Finally, bottle openers are nice but so are bottle stoppers. These heart designs are classy and traditional, and they spark further ideas for those that want something more offbeat – search for unique designs while still staying true to the functionality of a literal heartfelt favor.

Savory Edibles

You can’t have a list of great favor ideas without skimming over some edible ideas. We suggest going with sweet over savory when it comes to showers.

Extra Large Rock Candy Sticks | $28.47 for 36 pieces

Extra Large Rock Candy Sticks

Sprinkle around some extra bouts of festivity by passing out some rock candies at the end of the celebration. They’re also great for adding some pizzazz to a dessert table or place setting.

Diamond Ring Cookies | $12 for 1 dozen

Diamond Ring Cookies

Some of these diamond ring cookies could certainly add sweetness to the celebration and style to the food spread. Delicious edibles – like cookies – are always a solid, fan-favorited option to go with.

Pure Honey Minis | $50.96 for 72

Pure Honey Minis

Pots of honey are a nice route to take as well. A bit more unique but just as functional, send your guests home with bouts of sweetness they can add to their tea, desserts, or drizzle over morning toast.

Scented Candles

We’re all about functional favors and that’s why candles always make the “best of the best” list when it comes to favors or thank you gifts. Here’s a collection of a few in this genre that always works.

LABELLEFEE Scented Soy Candles | $15 for pack of 4

LABELLEFEE Scented Soy Candles

Candles are always a nice bet when it comes to favors because you can find quality products that your loved ones will use and enjoy. From handmade to designer brand, the options are endless.

Cactus Tealight Candles | $11.99 for 12

Cactus Tealight Candles

Of course, a trendier route can be taken. These small, cactus tea lights are perfect for a themed event. And you can find all kinds of shapes and genres depending on what your vision for the day is.

Aromatherapy Votives | $31.99 for 18

Aromatherapy Votives

Add an element of aromatherapy to the mix. Candles that evoke a special fragrance – whether it goes along with the theme or not – give the gift an extra special gift. You can find a lot of fun scents to sift through – from chocolate to classic rose.

Spa Day

Favors like the ones below evoke a sense of luxury and spoil. Give your loved ones something they can use to indulge themselves, even if it’s just for a moment.

Charlene New York Mini Cupcake Soaps | $21.99 pack of 6

Charlene New York Mini Cupcake Soaps

Some festive hand soap could be a great parting gift as well. Great for scenting up a small corner, a clothing drawer, or have fun lathering your hands with an extra special treat. This can easily become a DIY project as well or you can find designer brands like Charlene cupcakes – which are perfect for celebrations.

Kissing the Single Life Goodbye Lip Balms | $14.99 for set 12

Kissing the Single Life Goodbye Lip Balms

Lip balm can be beautiful little trinkets as well that last a surprisingly long time provided you don’t lose them. These balm sticks are fun and conveniently bright so you’ll never lose them into the lip balm void. They’re made with natural ingredients so you aren’t giving your friends anything filled with preservatives or chemicals.

U2C Bath Bombs | $17.98 for set of 12

U2C Bath Bombs

Grab boxes of bath bombs and serve up a spa-inspired bubble bath for each of your guests. Show your appreciation with a gift that relaxes and spoils. You can find ones that are already wrapped and ready to go as well (of course you can DIY these as well!).

Inspired Favors

Sometimes you have to shop for more than just the actual gift. Instead, you have to shop for the wrappings – what will make the items stand out, ready for receiving. Here’s our quick list of favs:

Polka Dot Treat Bags | $15.99 for set of 24

Polka Dot Treat Bags

These shining, polka-dot treat bags will house everything from edibles – think cookies or pastries – to spa-inspired luxury – think bath bombs or salts! All you have to do is follow the perforated lines and shape them within seconds.

Mini Clay Pots | $17.99 for set of 28Mini Clay Pots

These mini clay pots inspire so many different projects. They can house candles or tiny plants – you can even throw in some candy for a summertime treat that your guests can enjoy. Furthermore, they will hold a bit of decorating as well – some metallic paint would look nice.

Hollow Heart Thank You Tags | $9.39 for set of 100

Hollow Heart Thank You Tags

And finally, top off your gifts with a small thank you that you can even write a little note on. You can find so many beautiful designs or more traditional tags like you see here. Just don’t forget your jute or ribbon.