Using A Red Color Scheme For Wedding

Red Wedding Ideas

Hello, I’m getting married on July 15, 2016 and haven’t decided on colors for the wedding or reception. My favorite color is red and my mom’s said its a difficult color to use for a summer wedding! I really need some suggestions! I want my dress to be champagne or ivory in color.

The only thing I have definitely decided is that at the reception I want hurricanes or pillars for centerpieces or it is tacky if I use both? Should the centerpieces be uniform throughout? The reception will be at a hotel and I’d like the room to take on a dramatic/elegant look! I don’t want it to look like Valentine’s Day or the 4th of July! Please help as I have no sense of color! Mom says red is usually an accent color!! I have no clue! 

Bridal Stylist

I am going to leave the center piece suggestions to the flower expert, but I can help with color. Since we are the fashion expert being on top of the trendy colors and combinations is key. You definitely want to make sure that your color scheme is tasteful and classic.

red wedding ideas

As far as the color red, you can use it as an accent color or your main color…that is up to you. There are many shades of red, such as apple red, burgandy, a deep wine/merlot, and a classic red. I know a concern is red for a Summer wedding. My suggestion is to make sure it is a Summer red and not a Fall red. By this I mean, a deep wine/merlot is more of a Fall/Winter colorwhere a classic/apple red is better for Spring/Summer.

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There are many colors that look great combined with red. Nomatter what color is the main color and the accent color here are some colors that look great with red…silver (either light or dark), gold, champagne, black, and chocolate brown or latte (light brown).

red bridal bouquet

Bride Next Door

Oh my friend…GO FOR IT!!!!! As far as elegent reception flowers go this is awesome. I worked on 3 differenmt big red weddings this year and nothing could be more elegant ..done properly. And, my dear that is the key. The way to make red work is easy. Go with all different shades of red…or reds and pinks…or reds and oranges. But you must stay on the same side of the color spectrum to do it well. Stay away from mixing red and blues(Patriotic)…Or reds and Yellows (barbecue!) Sometimes red and purple can be ok but you have to be careful. Also keep the white out of it or you get Christmas.

red wedding centerpieces

My suggestion would be to look at a nice assortment of shapes and textures in the flowers you choose as well and to wick up the whole thing with plenty of candles. In july lilies are in good season, so are roses and be sure to include happy filler flowers like asters and maybe some interesting foilages.
Since i did say not to mix the red with white I should probably mention a few things about your bridal bouquet. can have a colorful bouquet …or else stick with white but please do not mix the red and white…back to the christmas rule. I think an all white , ivory and maybe slightly pale pink (or peach) mix would look best…or else a go for it with an all red and bright bridal bouquet.

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In terms of reception centerpiece ideas go there is nothing wrong with mixing a few styles…But make sure the overall size and visual weight of both is compatible. So maybe you would get a large glass bell huricane lamp and float a big red lily bloom in water in it and surround it with 5 shining votive candles…light, big, and sparkly….

The next might be a large pillar candle in a cylinder surrounded with a ring of flowers….lower, more intricate and the light will be different….You will have to see them together to make sure one does not overshadow the other. It can be done well but again be careful….If you are not sure do them all the same…whatever you do …do it beautifully and all will be well….I have probably given you more questions than answers here but that is the nature of learning….Take a little time and thought and indulge your imagination here…It is your wedding and a once in a lifetime celebration….enjoy the planning and have faith that all the right answers will come at the right time…Happy planning and all the best!!!!

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Bridal Expert

Since you are going with champagne or ivory dress, you might consider a pale dusky rose color for your gloves and stockings. Don’t forget your garter, perhaps a deep dark red to keep with the theme. Make sure your photographer is able to get a good picture, as it would show beautiful contrast and would be very striking.

red wedding ideas