The Recipe For Outdoor Wedding Perfection: Top Tips For a Bride-To-Be

An outdoor wedding can be a truly stunning thing to hold and plan, but the planning process is always going to a bit tougher than throwing a wedding indoors, for a few reasons. First of all, there’s a lot to think about – as there’s a lot that can potentially go wrong. There is wind, weather, conditions, logistics and toilets to think about, and that is a lot to take on for any potential bride-to-be. I don’t mean to dissuade you away from what can be a beautiful backdrop for your vows, but just know that there are plenty of things to consider. I can’t talk, anyway, as I recently held my wedding in a field in the middle of nowhere and boy-oh-boy, was there a lot of planning to do. I want to share my list of the top things that helped me in the hopes that it helps you potential outdoor brides, too! Let’s take a look here.

Get the law on your side
If you’re holding your wedding in a park or on the beach, make sure that you know what kind of permits (if any) you need to have in place. Getting married at the childhood park you played in as a child is a super sweet idea, but it won’t go ahead if you don’t have the permits!

Make sure you have a wet weather plan
Don’t fall victim to a false sense of optimism – be totally pessimistic where the weather is concerned! Coming from Melbourne, I know all too well the consequences of not having a wet weather plan (I’ve seen many a barbecue ruined due to no backup plan) so be sure to have some marquee wedding hire sorted out ahead of time.

Make sure people are comfortable
Even though you’re going to be outdoors, you still need to have the creature comforts in place that make your wedding truly beautiful. Think lighting, candles, mosquito repelling candles or devices, and ensure that you can rent or buy the necessary things that you need well ahead of time, before assuming that your venue will have all of this looked after.

Plan for all weather
Make sure you have a cute fur or a cover up in the event of needing a jacket of sorts, just in case it’s a little chilly during the ceremony or the reception. Something light should do, and task one of your bridal party with taking care of this for you.

Plan the pics around the sun
Make sure you know where the sun is going to be during the day and speak to your photographer about the shots you want to get. You don’t want to be hidden in the shadows or squinting into the sun!

Get loud
Nobody wants to be screaming or shouting during the speeches – so be sure to have something in place so that everyone can hear you. A good audio-visual setup should be great for this.

Task an expert with running an eye over things
Just sense check some of the key details with a friend who is good at planning events, or with a wedding planner in a session or two. They might pick up some things that you’ve missed out.

Think footware
When you’re holding an outdoor wedding, there can be lots of different surfaces that you’re trundling along on, so be sure that you let people know what kind of shoes are going to be appropriate for the wedding. It won’t do if there are sprained ankles on the big day!

Good luck planning your super outdoor soiree – I hope your day is gorgeous and sunny!