The Marriage License Game: 3 Steps to Success

photo credit: Brittney Tanis via photopin cc
photo credit: Brittney Tanis via photopin cc

There are a so many things to think of and plan for as you prepare to marry the love of you life. One vital component of any marriage is filing for your marriage license. Without a marriage license, your marriage isn’t legal…and that’s a sad thought.

First off, research the regulations around applying for a marriage license in the county you plan to be married in. Important questions to find answers for include, what is the application waiting period, when does the license expire, how much is the application fee, is there a discount for couples who opt for premarital counseling, do both of you need to apply in person, etc. MarriageLicenseNow is the perfect place to find the most up-to-date answers to these questions and any additional marriage license information you may need in your county.

Once you understand the application process, timeline and requirements it is time to consider the name you will write on the marriage license. If you plan to change your name after marriage, the name you use on your license may dictate the name-change options available to you after “I do.” For example, if you plan to blend your last names and live in California, the only way you can use the married name change process to affect that name is to list it on your marriage license. Knowing the regulations and your options is more than half the battle!

Finally, work backwards from your wedding date to determine the best date to apply for your marriage license (don’t forget to factor in holiday office closures). Many county clerk’s offices will allow you to set appointments to file for your marriage license, so take the time to make the appointment in advance. Compile all of the require documents and your fee in an acceptable form of payment and then relax, knowing that you’re going to win the marriage license game.