Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

As a bride choosing your bridesmaid dresses is one of the most exciting parts of the big day. Dressing your best friends in gorgeous dresses so that you’ll all look wonderful for your wedding is super exciting but can also be quite stressful, especially if your friends all have different styles and body shapes. Here are some tips to help make choosing your bridesmaid dresses a little easier:1) Styles
First things first, it’s highly likely you select group of bridesmaids will all have different body shapes and different hang-ups that they’re worried about. One of the best ways to start dress shopping is to ask them all to let you know which styles of dresses they prefer and what styles are a definite no-no. With this in mind you’ll be able to decide whether you want all your bridesmaids to wear the same colours or go for a mismatch of different style dresses.

2) Go Shopping
Once you’ve agreed on a certain style, it’s time to do some shopping. Arrange a fun day out with you and your girls to go and try on a few different styles and see the type of dresses people prefer. At Coast, you’ll be able to get advice from the expert staff about what styles work best/ and try on a variety. If it’s all getting a bit much with too many options, you might need to take charge and narrow it down to a few styles which you really like.

3) Colours
Once you’ve got the style of dress you’re looking for established, then it’s time to think about colours. You’ll probably have a colour in mind that you like and it’s your day after all so don’t feel pressured to change it in order to please your bridesmaids. That said, it is important they feel comfortable and happy in their dress so ask about colour pallets and see what the consensus is between your group. Sometimes different shades of the same colour can look really great and please both you and your bridesmaids.

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses should be a lot of fun and hopefully not too much of a stressful affair. Dressing a group of girls with different body shapes and taste can be tricky, but hopefully your friends will understand that it’s your big day and wear whatever you think looks best.