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Ideas For Bride’s Grand Entrance At Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

We recently booked a wonderful gazebo for our wedding ceremony with a lake / water fountain behind the gazebo. There is nowhere to hide until it’s time for my (bride’s) grand entrance. Everyone said just stay in the limo but shouldn’t I fluff my dress? I don’t want attention taken away from the bridal party with me standing in the background. I want my entrance to be a surprise. Do you guys have any ideas on how to hide me before the ceremony? I thought about a renting a tent but, I’m getting married labor day weekend at a busy beach town and most rental drop off for that weekend are Thursday and pick up on Tuesday, I would have nowhere to put the tent .

Any ideas would be amazing . Thanks in advance.

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Nancy Tucker

This sounds so exciting! Can you give me more of an idea of the gazebo/lake layout?

Emmanuela Stanislaus, Precious Occasions, Wedding and Event Planner

Depending on the layout of the venue, maybe you can have the limo drop you off further away from view and take a longer walk to where your guests are seated and the ceremony will be held. Another option would be for you to come out of the limo from the driver’s side instead of the passenger’s side. This way, you can have your dress fluffed and gain your composure without everyone seeing everything that’s taking place. They’ll only see the back of you and you’ll still have the element of surprise.

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Nancy Tucker

Okay, with the Gazebo set up, I am thinking of something portable for you to exit the limo and get fluffed and then walk. I am thinking of the “Bus driver, move that bus” thing that Tye Pennington does on his TV show. Maybe a large room divider or two that could block the limo. I am not the creative guru but think along those lines. Check a rental company to see what they have to offer. I have seen some very nice ones for about a hundred dollars at IKEA.

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Darlene Taylor, PBC

Your Gazebo and location are beautiful! I’m ALL about the grand entrance. It’s one of my favorite parts of the wedding! Outdoor weddings are tricky, BUT you CAN make this be as much of a surprise as it can be!

I like using the Limo for the “Move that bus” idea! Expounding upon that, what about getting your bridesmaids to get out of the limo before you to form a “wall” in front of you. Maybe even have the groomsmen there too? They all get out of the limo before you and block everyone’s view. They stay in front of you until you reach the rows of guests, pause, let the music start and the bridesmaids (and groomsmen too) step away…leaving you standing there with your dad.

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Is it that you want your entrance to be a surprise for everyone or your groom? Another idea is to have the groom and the officiant sitting in the front row to keep your groom’s back to you. You get in place as stated above. Then, when the processional music starts, the officiant and your groom go to their place and when they turn around they will only see the wall of people (or the line of people). By the time the last person/couple walks down the aisle, you will be the only one standing there ready for your walk down the aisle.

Listen, even though your groom will see you coming, there’s nothing like the walk. It won’t matter. The processional will still be awesome!