Table wedding arrangements

The party is an ideal opportunity to expose your personal style and to organize a great party. There is also another simple way to prove your style than with central decoration on the tables.

Try to find the perfect flowers first. The most fashionable flower next period is the anemone. These unscented flowers can be found in a variety of colors. Although until now the reason they were in great demand was just the colors of petals, now the most popular are with black and white in the middle.

These flowers give a touch of timeless elegance to the table arrangements. If the wedding does not take place in the season of these flowers and they are more expensive than you can afford, you can opt for cream gerbera with black center.

Although monochromatic looks are still in demand, style-conscious couples have changed things up. It is currently fashionable the idea of using three different shades. And how can do this better? Half of the tables can have large flower arrangements in all three colors, while the other half may have one trio: three small floral arrangements, each one a different color. It may seem like a luxury thing, but actually this really fits your budget.

These table arrangements will cost less than if you had large arrangements at all tables. If you prefer a certain color, you can play a little with the height of the central arrangement, making different combinations and you can even impress your guests with these games. Drawing eyes on different heights in the room creates a feeling of waves which will definitely enjoy everyone.

Instead of traditional red roses, unique variations of traditional flowers appear on the guests tables. Even though phalaenopsis orchids are always on trend, Mokara orchids began to be increasingly sought after by brides. These orange and pink flowers are especially desirable because they grow in different directions, unlike phalaenopsis orchids. This property makes the decorations richer and you will need fewer flowers for decorating the tables, while saving money.

Red carnations also return in actuality. November beige or gray varieties are quite different from the bouquet that you remember from high school graduation. As a completing flower, carnations will help colored flowers to stand out and besides this they underline an ornament consisting in a group of arrangements.

Colored napkins and tablecloths are used to give more brightness to the floral arrangements. Although you may think that fuchsia does not need help to stand out on a white tablecloth, this combination of bright and shiny actually creates a wonderful contrast.

More and more brides renounce at the compact arrangements and opt for a less strict aspect. Whether it is an arrangement of wild flowers or just one less symmetrical, this trend leads to a single idea: relaxation. And the good news, are that this trend will match any wedding style and theme. For a modern wedding, you can request asymmetrical vases with bouquets of French tulips or gladiolus.