Post-Elopement Reception. Wording The Invitations

Wording Wedding Reception Invitation After Eloping

Hello — My mother would like to hold a wedding reception one month after my elopement. I am trying to help her with invitations and just don’t know what the right wording is! Please help!!! I am not sure if she plans on actually mailing these before we get married or not. And our date is a little up in the air, although we WILL be married before the reception. Just don’t know if we’re getting married in 3 weeks or 5 weeks from now. It’s a little up in the air since he is from another country and waiting on his final Visa approval.

The Mannersmith

For a post-elopement party, I am fond of:

Jane and Joel Smith
invite you to a cocktail reception
in honor of
Brandy and Brian Jones
Saturday, the tenth of September
at seven o’clock

Just so there is no confusion, ideally these invitations should not be posted until after you have left for your trip.

Wedding Queen

It would be terrific if you could send these out after the wedding takes place, but if you’re getting married in 3 – 5 weeks you may not be giving your guests enough notice. Typically we suggest sending reception invitations at least 6 weeks before the reception. If sending before the wedding takes place then be very clear with the wording:

Mr. ans Mrs. John Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding reception
for their daughter
Amy Marie
Mr. James Mark Jones
Friday, the tenth of July
two thousand and twelve
at seven o’clock
The Club Room
800 Count Court Lane

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Invitation Wording: More Eloped Examples

Example 1

Because you are good friends,
we thought you’d like to know
that we ran off and got married.
We did it on the go!
Mary Simpson
John Hamilton
tied the knot
on October 10th, 2013
New York, NY
and now reside in their new home:
10 Carrey St, Somewhere Nice, NC

Example 2

We’ve Eloped!
Join us at a
Brunch Reception
on Saturday, May 17, 2014
at 1:00 p.m.
Hotel California
122 West Avenue
Roslyn, NY

Rob & Mary Jacobs

Example 3

Time moves so quickly and so, too, does life
we were so anxious to be husband and wife
our days were filled, our schedules too
so we ran off and said our I do’s!
Mary McCowel
Peter O’Connel
on May 22, 2014
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
and now happily at their home:
128 Goddard St
Scottsdale, AZ 11111

Example 4

We’ve Eloped!

Please be our guest at a
casual reception in our honor
on Saturday, September 20th, 2014
at 6 o’clock in the evening
Our Home
15 Rock St
Hicksville, New York
Mary Haliquien
Mark Darras,
the newly
“Mr. and Mrs. Darras”

Example 5

Please join us for
Champagne & Appetizers
in celebration of our marriage
on Friday, February 10th 2013
at 5 o’clock in the evening
Kyma Restaurent
321 Roslyn Rd
New York, New York 15777
Kim and Gary Mavis

Example 6

Although we couldn’t have
you there in person,
you were with us
on our special day!
We were joined in matrimony on Sunday, May 14th, 2014
San Diego, California
Our new residence:
Kim and Peter O’Connel
145 Carrignton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 11111