We’re Jammin’ – Vintage Afternoon Tea Hen Parties


2013 is The Year of the Baked Goods.  Cupcakes are (literally) rising to the occasion in the Trend-ometer. Macaroons may still be a little too maverick for us this Spring, but you can barely move for all the cute cupcake shops popping up onto London’s high streets.  With a hearty helping of bakery shows sprinkled over our TV Guides, viewers can delight in swooning over Jamie Oliver’s cheeky chops, blanch at Gordon Ramsay’s recipe of curse words and frankly marvel at the life sized gingerbread houses featured on The Great British Bake Off.

Many brides are saving money every weekend by entrusting a friend to whisk up a home-made cake, instead of measuring out a ludicrous amount of money that could be saved for that all important wedding gown, the trend is to ditch the professionally neat lines of icing, and simply cram the cake full of layers of frosting and a colourful array of summer fruits for a great rustic, farmhouse feel.

Here at Polestars, we sent ourselves into a frosting frenzy when it came to planning our first Cupcake Decorating party for a group that wanted to experiment with royal icing and beautiful decorative roses in preparation for the monster creation they had planned for the Big Day itself. Set in a beautiful boutique hotel in the seaside town of Brighton our guests tucked in to a Traditional Afternoon Tea, which fuelled their delicate designs and sumptuous sugar-crafts. Gorgeous cake stands, mint-green china and rustic floral tablecloths added a sense of Vintage charm to the occasion.