plan hens night

At Polestars we can’t get enough of a spot of haberdashery, which led me to think; how could crafting be incorporated into a hen party? I’ve come up with a fresh list of whimsical ideas to choose from when planning your Hen party.

Remember when you were school and you created those origami fortune tellers ready to use at playtime? Why not create one for the Bride-to-be especially for her big night out? It could include naughty Hen Dares such as ‘dance on the bar to the next song’ or ‘touch the bum of the best looking man in the room.’ You could always sew your own girly embroidered pouch to house them in – there’s something cheeky about having an innocent, pretty case hiding a plethora of naughty games and forfeits.

I think personalised games are the best so why not craft your own Bridal Bingo; the great thing about this is that you can tailor it to the theme of the hen night, or make the words as naughty or tame as the Bride-to-be. Maybe even include hints to what else you’ve got planned for the party, eg. ‘stripper, desire, pole dancing,’ or ‘vintage, cupcakes, life drawing.’

If you’ve enough time then you could even prepare a Scavenger hunt. Hide curios or fun hen night products around the bar or house for her to find. You could create a quiz about the Groom, ‘What’s his favourite colour?’ may lead her to find some Man Rating Cards underneath the red sofa. Or you could tear up a picture of all the girls together and hide it for her to puzzle it together – play ‘Hot or Cold’ so she can retrieve pieces behind the posters in the bathroom, or from the barman’s back pocket.

Instead of just dropping your fellow partygoers an invite in the form of a text, I thought it would be quaint to collect up a few bottle corks, write their names on them and thread them with some thin, rustic rope to create sturdy little bracelets. Not only can they wear them on the big night out but the cork itself suggests that there may be a big night of drinking ahead of them.

You can even get creative when coming along to pre-arranged Hen activities. Why not bring along home-made table seating labels in the form of doilies to our Vintage Afternoon Tea and Cupcake Decorating party. If you’re a dab-hand at needlecraft you could personalise a few napkins with embroidered initials as a special keepsake. And personally, I would love to while away a Glamping afternoon by making a bit of bunting or cracking out a novelty cross stitch.

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