What To Wear To A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


When it comes to the rehearsal dinner, the main thing to remember is attire should not be more formal than the wedding. The rest is up to you! Feel free to throw a semi-formal rehearsal dinner if your wedding is a strictly black-tie affair, or go for something casual but no less fabulous. Use the following tips about rehearsal dinner attire to help yourself throw an amazing event.


If “semi-formal” is the attire theme of your rehearsal dinner, fitted cocktail dresses are among the best suggestions for you and all other women at the dinner. Lighter colors are best for spring and summer affairs, such as pastel pink, lavender, pale yellow, and light green. Deep navy, dark purple, and black are ideal for colder months. Dresses a few inches above the knee are best. As for the men, a shirt and pants work just fine….no tie is necessary.


If opting for a casual rehearsal dinner, such as one at a beach bar or your favorite family restaurant, think maxi dresses with beaded sandals and chunky accessories. Dark-wash jeans in skinny or boot-cut styles also work, especially when paired with heels and a cute tank. The men can also feel free to wear dark-wash denim and polo shirts or even t-shirts if the vibe is casual enough. Hawaiian shirts work great if throwing a tropical-themed affair at a tiki bar.

Additional Tips

Whatever the nature of your rehearsal dinner, it’s still a good idea avoid tattered jeans and footwear. Stick to more appropriate options such as the aforementioned dark-wash jeans and heels. Always wear good-condition shoes and clothes, and remember to accessorize.

Throw the rehearsal dinner YOU want…and have a great time doing it!

Have any other rehearsal dinner dress etiquette tips to share in the comments?