Informal short dresses 3

Of course our list of suggestions of informal wedding dresses couldn’t end in our last topic and that’s why continue and we have some other great looking models to present to you, models that caught our eyes from the first moment.

O.k, so we start with a great looking model of wedding dress that is short up to the knees. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and on the bodice there are ruffled areas.

informal short dresses 3

Let’s also mention that on the waist line there is a belt with a silvery buckle and this is definitely a modern element on this dress; the skirt is puffed and it has nice looking plisses, also it’s made of several layers of fabric and it is definitely looking interesting on the body. So the dress is sleeveless and there is an embroidered bolero with short sleeves that comes to complete the gown.

Here’s a cute informal short wedding dress and it isn’t that short if we come to think of it. This dress has halter straps and a V neckline, highlighting the breasts in a pretty way. Also the skirt is ruffled and it creates a nice visual effect in combination with the other elements. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the bow detail in one side of the dress that is simply too sweet in correlation with the other stuff. The skirt has nice looking plisses and also it’s under the knees.

informal short dresses 32

And speaking about sweet dresses, here’s another one with nice looking embroidery. The corset is sleeveless and it has nice circular embroidery on the bodice, the skirt feels great on the body and it’s A shape; on the border of the skirt you can observe the lace embroidery that matches perfectly with the other details of this dress. Indeed it’s a cute model of dress and we hope that you enjoy seeing and reading about it as much as we did.

informal short dresses 33

Other two interesting models of informal short dresses are definitely these ones and they are made of embroidered fabric. There’s one short dress that is made with small details on it, which can be observed immediately. This dress has short sleeves and the back side is cut in such a way that it uncovers the back.

Another interesting model is made entirely of embroidered fabric, it’s also short and it has long sleeves. If you look attentively at this dress you’re going to observe that is really fluffy and it is realized in a quite interesting manner.

informal short dresses 34

Our last suggestion of informal short wedding dress is made of satin. This dress looks really fine and it has a flower detail on the waist line. The straps are medium sized and also let’s mention that this dress has a V neckline. Indeed it’s an interesting model of informal short wedding dress like the others too.

informal short dresses 35