Green wedding dress

In this topic we’re going to present some models of wedding dresses that are green. O.k don’t think of a dark green tone or something like that, think of great looking colors that go really nice in combination with other elements specific of the bride’s dress.

The first green wedding dress isn’t exactly green. It’s white with a green area in the superior side of the body and with an elegant green sweater. So, the lower side of the body, the skirt is made from ruffled material in white-green tone, with various layers of fabric that go really nice together.

green wedding dress

Let’s also mention that the superior side of the dress is formed of a corset in green tone with a soft material, which feels really comfortable on the body. Over this corset there’s a green sweater made from a pleasant fabric too. Around the waist line and over this sweater there’s a shiny ribbon in the same tone as the sweater. You can tie this ribbon in a bow in the front side of the body.
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Another thing that we need to specify is the jewelry aspect: apply for not so elegant pieces of jewelry and really thin, made of non precious materials. Also, on the neck there’s no need of applying pieces of jewelry…. All in all, these combinations of pieces of clothing suggest that this isn’t quite an elegant dress, on the contrary it has something informal in it and also it’s really modern in the same time. It’s an interesting model of dress, isn’t it?

So you can apply for a spicy pink, similar to that of an orchid! Here’s a dress that’s made of a tight corset and a ruffled skirt. The corset is made of satin and it has silvery embroidery on it, around the breast area and on the waist line too. The skirt is made of green taffeta in many layers and with an interesting shape. This is indeed a playful model of green wedding dress, isn’t it?

green wedding dress2

The next green wedding dress has a pistachio tone. This one adopts the fairy tale wedding dress model and it adopts some modern elements too. The upper side of this dress is made in corset mode with a straight neckline. On the waist line there’s placed a green ribbon that ends tied in one side in a big bow. Also, the skirt is made of two different types of fabric: tulle (like the corset) and taffeta. The taffeta portion starts somewhere underneath the tulle portion of this dress…. Indeed, it’s a nice combination of classic and modern elements isn’t it?

green wedding dress3

Some interesting models of green wedding dresses we’ve go here, right? We hope that these three examples represent a good starting point for you and maybe you will apply for these in the future time.