Yellow wedding dress

In order to differ from other brides you need a strong color for your wedding dress and what could be stronger than a yellow wedding dress? indeed, it takes a lot of courage to wear this kind of color especially in your wedding day, but must of you are willing to assume this risk in order to be different and unique.

In the lines to come we have, as usual, an entire list of such wedding dresses in that particular tone and we hope that this topic will amaze you, because it definitely has something special and it would certainly be helpful if not with the color, with the model surely!

yellow wedding dress

Our first suggestion of yellow wedding dress regards an informal model and you’ll see exactly what you need to see about it…. so the dress is sleeveless, it has a tight corset with a straight neckline; underneath the breast area is a big layer of fabric in order to create the illusion of the waist line; beginning from that waistline one can observe the skirt that ends somewhere under the knees.
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This is a simple dress in a delightful color and it’s definitely appropriate for a wedding that takes place in this season or in summer. The material is really wavy and it doesn’t permit you to sweat. In combination with a nice pair of sandals you’re going to look fascinating. Also, if it seems to informal to you, wear it during the ceremony at the city hall and for the other ceremony pick one that’s not as informal as this one….

Here’s another yellow wedding dress that is also informal. This one denotes simplicity and a certain touch of good taste. It has a sweetheart neckline and a shiny detail underneath the breasts. Let’s also mention that it doesn’t have a precise waist line and the skirt begins just under the breasts in fine plisses. It’s indeed a great looking model of dress, it’s informal and it’s perfect for a hot sunny day.

yellow wedding dress2

Another interesting model is realized in satin fabric. It has medium sized sleeves and a round neckline. Underneath the breasts there’s a layer of fabric and from this one starts the skirt with nice lines and plisses that stop just on the knee area. This is definitely an informal wedding dress and it’s ideal for a wedding that takes place in the summer time in the garden and in open air, don’t you think so?

yellow wedding dress3

Besides the materials mentioned up to this moment there are others that go well in such wedding dresses meant especially for a hot wedding day. You can use chiffon, taffeta, silk all in yellow and you definitely have where to choose from. these models that we’ve presented up to this moment can be replaced with the numerous others that we’ve mentioned in our previous topics.

yellow wedding dress4