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A victorian wedding dress has a particular way of looking and you can recognize it from a multitude of models and patterns of bridal gowns. In most of the cases, the Victorian wedding dresses are made with a tight corset, which has lace closure in the back side and the skirt consists of multiple layers of semi transparent fabric, composing a puffed piece. Another common feature of Victorian wedding dresses is that they are made with long trains in most of the cases.
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The name of this particular type of wedding dress comes, of course, from Queen Victoria’s wedding dress that has made history, not only through the model, but also by the color – up to that moment there wasn’t a fixed color for wedding dresses; these were made in colors like blue or other warm tones. It seems that Queen Victoria made the difference and set a trend with that model, because from that moment on, there was this need of wearing white wedding dresses in the big day – nowadays as well.

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Victorian wedding dress

Of course, white wedding dresses are not considered a must have in weddings, but they certainly make the difference, because they’re like a trademark for such an event: “here comes the bride all dressed in white”….

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Victorian wedding dress

So, we made it clear with the history of these wedding dresses, but we didn’t quite mention in what ceremonies you can wear them. Certainly, you are able to wear such gowns in sumptuous weddings, in really elegant ones – that you want to make the difference through.

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Victorian wedding dress

Getting back to the color of the Victorian wedding dress, even if we mentioned some details about the color of the dress the queen wore in that day, you also have to know that nowadays such wedding gowns can be worn in colored options as well. This means that you are not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to the Victorian wedding gowns with colors applied on them.

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Victorian wedding dress

Some of the brides misunderstand Victorian wedding dresses with ball wedding gowns – ladies, it’s not the same thing, though they resemble in the way they are made pretty much: the puffed skirt, the tight corset. The only thing that we can say about the difference between the wedding dresses is that the fabric is engaged in a different manner and you can observe clearly how the Victorian wedding dresses have lots of interesting lines on the surface of the skirt as well as on the corset.