The ideal Venus wedding dress for you

Shall we continue with some other great looking models of Venus wedding dresses? Well, we think that we can and this time we’re going to start with a really great looking one that you just can’t imagine! This dress is designed in A-line and it’s made of satin, being really great on your body and showing all your beautiful parts. This dress has a round neckline in the front and in the back side the back is revealed under a V format.

venus wedding dresses 3

This dress has spaghetti straps and these have silvery embroidery on, there’s also a line made of silvery embroidery around the waist line. Let’s also mention that in the back side the dress continues with a short train made from the same fabric and it’s really great together with all the elements.
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As you observed, this time we cut to the chase and started with presenting you some models- no more chit chat and we think that it’s better in this way. The next model of Venus wedding dress that we thought of, will definitely catch your eyes from the first instance, because it’s designed in a really great manner and with nice models on it.

This model is made of flowing fabric and you just can observe how great it goes on the body. This dress has a V neckline and with medium sized straps. Also the upper side of the dress is delimited from the lower side with the help of a fabric side that goes really tight on the body. Let’s also mention that towards the ground this dress has nice looking plisses and it continues with a long train in the back side.

venus wedding dresses 3 2

Here’s another great example of plus size Venus wedding dress and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as you did when you found such a model in our previous topics. This dress has a V cleavage and halter straps. Between the breasts there’s a shiny and silvery detail made of embroidery. The skirt is very wide and it looks simply delicious on your body, because it’s kind of puffed and it has here and there some nice looking embroidery made in the same manner as the detail on the chest.

venus wedding dresses 3 3

Also, this dress has a short train in the back side and we hope that you would like to wear such a model in your wedding day. After all, that’s why we bring you all these examples: in order for you to make a general idea and see which dresses suit you the most and what would you like to wear in your wedding day, of course.