Extravagant wedding dresses

This time we’ve chosen to present to you some interesting models of extravagant wedding dresses and be sure that you’re going to like these as much as we did when we first placed our eyes on them. So, these ones are really special looking due to the cuts, the fabric used as well as the model they apply for,

So, we start with an organza-bottom silk wedding gown. This one has a white tone and it is created in a really interesting manner with all the details and the elements involved…. So, this one has a strapless neckline and the top is made with asymmetric lines and cuts and it focuses all the attention on the bodice area in a very pleasant manner.

extravagant wedding dresses

You can observe very finely how the waist line is highlighted with the help of a black belt, which isn’t a belt at all and it is designed to make your body look thinner and the dress to be more interesting.
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This belt consists of a black ribbon, which is placed around the waist line and it ends tied up in a bow.
Quite an interesting combination of elements, don’t you think so? But the story doesn’t end here, because the skirt seems to be the most puzzling piece of them all…. So, this skirt is designed in A-line and it’s long down to the floor, it’s ruffled and it’s created of fringed organza in order to create the impression of a really puffy skirt.

Here’s another suggestion of extravagant wedding dress, which we think that you’re going to adore from the first moment too. This one is a short model and it has really interesting stuff about it. So, it’s designed with a sweetheart neckline and it’s strapless.

extravagant wedding dresses 2

You can observe asymmetric tiers on the bodice and the skirt is pleated and it creates a really nice visual impression. Also, the banded waist has shirred elements on it and you can observe on the external sides two pockets. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the back zip and the silver embroidery that can be observed on the entire surface of this dress.

All these elements create a really nice visual impression in what concerns this wedding dress- we hope that you enjoy reading about this model, as much as we did when we admired it! This model suits perfectly for a wedding that takes place in open air in a hot sunny day of July, don’t you think so? Oh, and if you didn’t decide on what dress to wear in your special day, then this means that we’ve got just the right solution for you, don’t you think so?