Unique wedding dresses signed by celebrities

When we refer to a unique wedding dress we don’t sincerely mean that you’re not going to encounter one like this one- it’s just the fact that it has something special about it. We bring to you an interesting example- for instance, you can apply for a simple and normal dress and you wearing it can make it indeed a really unique piece, which we’re certain you’re going to love pretty much.

So, here’s how we would like to continue with presenting you some unique wedding dresses that seemed special to us and maybe they’re going to be in the same manner for you. There’s this first model that we thought it would really be a nice thing to share with you….

unique wedding dresses

This one is signed Victoria Beckham and it is designed in a simple, but gorgeous manner. It’s made on the body, like really tight as to highlight all your gorgeous features and shapes and it’s tea length. You can observe its short and voluminous sleeves and how gorgeous they go with the rest of the elements that involve the wedding dress. This dress is tight on the body as we mentioned and it’s designed in a retro style as well- all of these indicate that it’s definitely a piece that is worth to be taken into account.
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Stella McCartney has an interesting view when it comes to the wedding dress and its cuts in general. For instance, she has made a wedding dress, which is sleeveless with a straight neckline and it’s designed exactly like a pair of relaxed pants in the inferior side. Also, it’s really comfortable and you can be certain that it’s really gorgeous looking in you and that you’re going to feel comfortable in it- it’s definitely an informal wedding dress.

unique wedding dresses 2

Nina Ricci takes us back in time and applies for vintage wedding dresses…. This wedding dress is made in the color of champagne and it has only ruffled details about it and also the fabric used is really gorgeous, it seems to go really nice in combination with the other details and elements. So, there’s this ruffled sleeve in the left side of the dress and you can observe ruffled details that look like bows in the left side of the dress as well.

unique wedding dresses 3

The skirt is long and straight and we’re certain that you’re going to find it quite interesting in combination with the other elements and details. No more to say! We hope that you’re going to apply for one of these dresses in the future time and that you’re going to look marvelous….