Romantic and princess wedding dresses by Oscar de la Renta

For princess wedding dresses or even romantic wedding dresses we totally suggest the newest collection, which is signed Oscar de la Renta. Certainly that with one of the following wedding dresses you’re going to look like a modern princess and we consider this thing really great!

We start with the first model of princess wedding dress that we’re sure it’s going to seem pretty interesting to you! This one is made in a sleeveless manner, with a straight neckline on which you can observe multiple layers of ruffled fabric.
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The waistline is emphasized through the usage of a ribbon, a white ribbon that ends tied up in a bow! The skirt is long and really ruffled, made of multiple layers of semi transparent fabric, which create a really gorgeous puffed effect! What more could you wish for?

Who said that you couldn’t be a princess with a wedding dress that has other details than a ruffled skirt? So, we were thinking of a wedding dress that is made in mermaid style and it’s tight down to the knees, beginning from the knees to the floor you can observe multiple layers of ruffles, which are going to create a really nice visual effect.

Another interesting piece, of a romantic wedding dress is one that is realized on the body with simple details and it’s sleeveless. You can observe also how the wedding dress emphasizes the body parts, but in the same time it seems to be really comfortable.

As we continue our journey through Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses we would like to share some other models that are also romantic and some might make you look like a princess.

So, there’s this short wedding dress made in a strapless manner and with lots of ruffled details on its surface. This one has a straight neckline and you can observe how it’s tight and continues down to the area of the thighs. The skirt is made of ruffled details and it looks really retro in the same time, but not as a normal wedding dress. In fact, that’s what is so amazing about this wedding dress.

There are some other models of romantic wedding dresses, for instance one is made in pale pink tone, in a sleeveless manner and with a sweetheart neckline with a bow detail in the front side, exactly between the breasts and in the lower side of the skirt.

The skirt begins underneath the waistline and it’s made in A – style with a vague crack in the front side.

Here’s how all these wedding dresses compose a really interesting symphony of romantic, modern and retro details!