Pink wedding dresses

Pink dresses make wonderful choices for the big day. Just think about it, you can mix the white (or the ivory) with a nice shade of pink and you will obtain an adorable wedding gown. You can also go for a dress that is entirely pink that would go marvelously with a colored wedding theme. But let us see and talk about some models.
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The first dress we laid our eyes on was this white and pink mix. Even though the picture was taken from behind we can tell that it features an empire waist and lots of embroidered areas on the corset and on the margins. A warm shade of pink gives the dress some extra volume and completes the bridal attire. It is a very classy dress that perfectly blends modernism with traditionalism.

pink wedding dresses

This next dress is not exactly pink, but only a variation of that color and it is simply amazing. The model comes in the princess type and it is composed of a really tight corset and a really ruffled skirt in the lower side. The corset has nice models of embroidery on the margins and it continues in the back side where it closes with laces.

pink wedding dresses2

The next pink model we want to talk about is just breath taking. It has a really tight corset and the dress is ruffled, made entirely of taffeta and it continues in the back side with a long train. All girls dream about such a dress for the wedding day, be it pink or white, it looks glamorous in both colors.

pink wedding dresses3

The last model of pink wedding dress we came across is made of satin. This bride’s dress is made from a tight corset and a ruffled skirt. The corset has a sweetheart neckline and a lace detail under the breasts to highlight the waist line. The dress has ruffled areas and it falls natural on the body. It is most appropriate for a royal wedding theme.

pink wedding dresses4

As you can see there are plenty to choose from. If you do not fancy the idea of bright pink wedding dresses, then you can take the model and personalize it according to your tastes and ideas. Just make sure that whatever you end up with matches the wedding theme and your groom’s attire. Pink is a color that would suit a fairy tale wedding very well; however, do not overdue with the pink details, otherwise the guests will think it is rather childish.